January 20, 2018

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Your logical fallacy is…

Someone ought to make finding logical fallacies in a politician’s speech into bingo. Just turn on the State of the Union speech and start filling your bingo card.

If it was a game, yourlogicalfallacyis.com would be the score keeper and the posters they are giving away for free would be the bingo card. [cont…]

Why I Read Fiction, and Why You Should, Too.

“If reading is the key to self-mastery, fiction is the master key. […] But fiction demands that you either identify with the characters’ decisions or distance yourself from them, and this has a powerful effect. In doing so you shape your own moral experience. Although it may seem to be far removed from the center of the culture right now, fiction remains the best form of reading — the single best way to achieve all of reading’s goods.”

1st Black Republican Woman in Congress? Mia Puts Utah on Drudge.

Matheson’s Re-Election Is On the Rocks

Mayor Mia Love of Saratoga Springs secured the Republican nomination for Congress by a resounding margin at Saturday’s convention, garnering a whopping 70% of the vote from the GOP delegates of Utah’s 4th Congressional District. The excitement and energy Love brought was palpable in the convention center. Mia Love is clearly entering the race for Congress with the wind at her back, something that cannot be said for her Democrat opponent. [cont…]

Photos from the Utah Republican Party State Convention Booths


Live Blogging the Utah Republican State Convention – Part 3

3:52 PM Sorry, folks. Ran into some friends, and so I took a break. Anyway, what you missed is that the auditor race went to a primary after Johnson campaigned on “I’m a CPA” and Becky Lockhart and Mike Waddups introduced John Dougall. Now, we’re listening to the the First Congressional candidates. Joe Fabiano just […]

Live Blogging the Utah Republican State Convention – Part 2

1:08 PM We’re listening to a “short” report from Senator Mike Lee. Talking about a constituent request from a young man, a boy of 13, really, about opening up a road for his grandfather to check on his land better. Now, Logan Dalton being introduced with his grandfather…but I don’t see where they are. 1:12 […]