January 20, 2018

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Live Blogging the Utah State Republican Convention – Part 1

10:33 AM Getting a little bit of  a late start this morning…but give me some credit. There are 51 candidates here today and I had to run around and get pictures of as many as I could. At this point, they’ve already explained how electronic voting will work, and it means that no one will […]

What do women want?

Last week, Hilary Rosen raised a firestorm when she criticized Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom. Whether at home or in the workforce, women have more than proved their value to our society. Maybe it’s time we accept that women in all walks of life deserve more credit than they are getting. [cont…]

FTW: My Better Half.

In case you missed her post that caused the spike, check it out here.

What do running guns and running up a tab have in common?

We’ve all got our panties up in a bunch over the waste of tax dollars by the General Services Administration in a lavish Las Vegas conference, and it has started to result in resignations. That’s only over wasted tax payer money, though. In the Department of Justice’s failed “Fast and Furious” operation, guns went over the border to Mexican drug lords and killed a US agent. Why aren’t we seeing resignations there? [cont…]

Hilary Rosen will never know the “joy” of changing 10,000 diapers.

Late Wednesday night, my husband mentioned the attack on Ann Romney for “never working a day in her life,” in other words, for being a “stay-at-home” mom. I was busy breast-feeding my youngest, so I didn’t have time to think much of it at the time. I rolled my eyes and said something like, ‘Oh brother, what next?’ It was morning before I actually watched the clip of Hilary Rosen making her jab at Ann Romney.
Only then did it strike home just how personal Rosen’s attack was on me and my choice to switch careers to raise my children. [cont…]

Who’s really got a “woman” problem?

It’s Orwellian, really. In it’s effort to force top down social engineering, Obama’s White House and campaign are talking about helping women, but paying them less than men and attacking the ones who opt to raise their children at home.

That’s going to create a credibility problem for Barack Obama. [cont…]

My Pick for Salt Lake County Mayor: Mark Crockett, Because Experience Matters

Mark Crockett’s real world experience saving companies billions of dollars and proven conservative record serving the public trust has earned him my support for Salt Lake County Mayor. [cont…]