January 20, 2018

Live Blogging the Utah Republican State Convention – Part 2

1:08 PM We’re listening to a “short” report from Senator Mike Lee. Talking about a constituent request from a young man, a boy of 13, really, about opening up a road for his grandfather to check on his land better. Now, Logan Dalton being introduced with his grandfather…but I don’t see where they are.

1:12 PM Senator Lee says that he will not join the government can’t be changed crowd because he believes it must be changed.

1:14 PM We’re starting the speeches for the race for Governor of Utah. Wright giving the order. Looks like six candidates.

1:15 PM Listening to a guy I’ve never heard of, whose first is Lane Ronnow (sp?), and who dated a Romney when young. Unfortunately, he didn’t get an endorsement video made by her back then.

1:16 PM Ronnow wants Utah to have access to the mineral resources available in the Great Basin. Says education is underfunded and badly managed, that unemployment is higher than the 5% that the governor is reporting.

1:19 PM Next up is…I don’t know, but Ronald Reagan is speaking. In black and white. Oh, wait. It’s Morgan Philpot.

1:20 PM Philpot says that he’s running for governor of the “most” sovereign state. How can you be the “most” sovereign? Aren’t you just sovereign or not?

1:21 PM Philpot is talking about making the future better than the present. Says that we should pick a new governor, because “The Devil…” and then is interrupted by applause. Awkward place to pause in a sentence when talking about ones opponent. “…is in the details.”

1:23 PM Philpot is dropping names of national conservatives like Chris Christie and Nikki Haley. Says we cannot run on the past, but with a bold vision for the future.

1:24 PM Philpot is dropping the hammer on Herbert, spelling out one criticism after another, saying that it’s all resulting in loss of sovereignty for Utah. Also, thanks to all of the volunteers.

1:25 PM Philpot finishes with appeal for first round vote.

1:27 PM David Kirkham is up, although Sumpsion was announced on the screen.   Kirkham’s voice is passionate and emotional as he talks about his ancestor that came here looking for freedom.

1:29 PM Kirkham is making the “I’m a business man” appeal and citing Mitt Romney. Telling the story of how he started a business in Poland, then Russia, from old weapons plants.

1:30 PM Kirkham says he is different because he’s the only candidate with global experience and who makes something that people actually want to buy. Has always made his payroll, but has missed his own paychecks to make sure people were paid.

1:31 PM He brought his company to Utah to import jobs. Wants to create jobs here so that people’s kids can move out of the basements and stay in Utah.

1:33 PM People filing onto the stage…Howard Neilson, former congressman, nominating Ken Sumpsion for governor.

1:35 PM Sumpsion talking about the federal government subsidies to Utah and the federal government control of Utah lands. Says that the Governor did not act on the legislation that the legislature gave to the governor to get lands back.

1:36 PM Says he would relinquish federal funds and leave No Child Left Behind.

1:39 PM I’m getting reports from people in the hall that lots of people with credentials are leaving…and we haven’t even finished the second race’s speeches yet. What, the senate is over and you’re done?

1:42 PM William Skokos now speaking. Actually, seems pretty confident. Sounds like he’s developed oil extraction from tar sands. Says he doesn’t care who gets credit, as long as good is happening.

1:44 PM Skokos lists a number of problems (none of which seem to be under the control of the governor) and seems to blame them on the current governor.

1:46 PM Gary Herbert up next. Looks like there some people arranging themselves up there. Greg Bell is introducing Herbert.  Says we don’t need to speculate what Governor Herbert will do. “He’s been doing it and getting great results.”

1:48 PM Herbert seems especially passionate today. He knocks “talking points” and “empty rhetoric” and says “let’s talk results.”

1:50 PM Herbert says that solutions to educations challenges will always come from the bottom up, not from Washington, D.C. “This job” is more about the people we serve than the office we hold.

1:52 PM Just told us that guys like Chris Christi wishes that they had what we have in Utah. [Lots of applause] [Heck, lots of applause in general]

1:54 PM Thomas Wright has opened the polls and is having each section vote, one section at a time, to make it easier for the hardware to register the votes.

2:32 PM Herbert wins 63% of the vote and will avoid a primary after a second round of voting.

2:39 PM Been listening to Sean Reyes, candidate for Attorney General, speak. I’m actually impressed with how much audience applause he’s getting.

2:42 PM Touchy feeley music now and a thing on the screens about Obamacare. Oh, it’s John Swallow, running for Congress again…er, I mean, Attorney General. Sounds like the same speeches he’s been giving since 2002.

3:00 PM Motion from the floor to move next year’s convention to St. George. Lots of attention for the motion from the Washington County section of the hall. Moving to vote…and nays have it. Thomas Wright says “That doesn’t mean it’s not duly noted.”

3:01 PM Enid Greene Mickelson is reporting on something.

3:01 PM Oh, it’s the executive committee commending Thomas Wright for his great efforts and success in expanding and growing caucus night, as well as for the wonderful job organizing convention.

3:04 PM Also, the silent auction is closed. We’re still waiting for results from the AG’s race.

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    so no one wants to talk of Caucusgate????

    • Tell us more. I left early…slightly. Are you referring to the action in the Second Congressional race?

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