January 20, 2018

Live Blogging the Utah Republican State Convention – Part 3

3:52 PM Sorry, folks. Ran into some friends, and so I took a break. Anyway, what you missed is that the auditor race went to a primary after Johnson campaigned on “I’m a CPA” and Becky Lockhart and Mike Waddups introduced John Dougall. Now, we’re listening to the the First Congressional candidates. Joe Fabiano just spoke, dropped in lots of references to the pre-mortal life, etc.

3:56 PM Now,  bunch of people introducing Congressman Bishop, including Rep. Butterfield. Rob Bishop is making an impassioned speech that’s getting a lot of love from the delegates.

3:59 PM Bishop listing the successes that the Republican Congress has under its belt, including defending the NDAA.

4:00 PM Ending with a critique of the proper use of government by Obama Administration.

4:01 PM Almost raucous applause.

4:06 PM Jacklyn Smith is giving what comes across as a Tea Party message. She wants change, she wants new leadership, but she’s not getting a lot of love from delegates.

4:11 PM We’re waiting for polls to open…and polls are open.

4:13 PM Wright declares polls closed. As usual, applause. People are always happy when they can register another progress point to finishing this day.

4:15 While were waiting for results, we’re watching a video about the Party plan to increase the turnout for the primary. It’s plan heavily weighted on vote by mail. Thomas notes that 42,000 people were registered for vote by mail during his tenure as Salt Lake County Republican Party chair.

4:21 PM While the federal government can run up the credit card, Utah cannot. Hold our federal delegation responsible for these policies.

4:22 PM Further, says, Lockhart, we need to be careful about the growth of state government.

4:23 PM Rob Bishop just won the nomination for the First Congressional District with 81%.

4:24 PM Lynn Wardle will be the first speaker for the Third Congressional Distict.

4:26 PM Wardle is former marine (I think he said), government lawyer, and law professor for thirty years. Says that, among other things, we must cut the budget and make Utah a leader in defending religious liberties.

4:28 PM Wardle unleashing a volley of founder quotes.

4:31 PM Here comes Jason Chaffetz, “a candidate for Congress,” he says. He’s throwing out a lot of big numbers, which I am sure Matthias Shapiro would be glad to turn into a good visual image.

4:33 PM Chaffetz criticizing the increase the federal government of the number of federal workers, as well as that there are over 400,000 federal workers who make more than $100,000 a year.

4:34 PM It has been more than 1,100 days since the Senate has passed a budget bill, says Chaffetz. Also, Chaffetz is on the budget committee with Paul Ryan and is fighting against fast and furious.

4:36 PM One bill that Chaffetz is trumpeting is one to fire federal workers for not paying their taxes. Asks delegates to thank our military.

4:37 PM Right on Chaffetz heels is Bryan Jenkins, who says that we may not know him because he “hasn’t campaigned” and because he campaigned against electronic voting. Gee…after how long this is taking due to all the candidates and how much faster its going because of electronic voting, I can’t imagine how anyone could support him.

4:39 PM Jenkins telling story or two about George Washington, including the first inauguration.

4:43 PM Jenkins finishes with a discussion of the inaugural oath of office. Kudos for patriotism, but meh for impact.

4:49 PM We’re waiting on someone who had some kind of issue.

4:50 PM Michael Waddups is addressing us next. He’s retiring this year, I believe. He says he gets a lot of requests from around the country from people asking “What is Utah doing” that is making a difference. He says we often hear that Utah is the best managed state.  One other thing he says that we should know about is that only four states have a positive asset picture (?).

5:09 PM We’re still waiting for results, so we’re watching a video of Ann Romney asking for support of their endorse delegates. I guess it was four delegates whose voting had problems, not just two.

5:12 PM Jason Chaffetz wins the nomination for the Third Congressional District with 74%.

5:14 PM Kenneth Gray says that if he is elected, there will be many open pit mines in Utah…not sure if that kind of promise is what people want. We want access to our resources, but an open pit mine?

5:15 PM Gray is running on natural resources. Or at least that’s his plan. “This land is our land.” And then a 1940s version of “This is our land” plays while Gray stands there… a little awkward.

5:19 PM Senator Valentine just took the stage to introduce Stephen Sandstrom.

5:20 PM Sandstrom comes to the pulpit, and after he begins speaking, his family files on stage. Says that it is an honor to be nominated by a fellow former marine (Valentine).

5:21 PM Sandstrom is hitting all the usual talking points, and I’m kind of tired of repeating them here.

5:27 PM Carl Wimmer up after an intro video. Gotta be honest–I like Carl as a person, but the video did seem to stretch some facts.

5:29 PM Wimmer says seeking office was never in his plans, but felt like he was doing his part to protect America as he walked door to door.

5:30 PM Wimmer’s getting a lot of applause from about 100 yards to my rear…not sure whose there, but he’s getting it. “Born in the USA” playing…oddly.

5:32 PM Mia Love is introduced by a video from Josh Romney.  Love takes the stage to applause.

5:34 PM Love hitting all of the conservative talking points. And bashing on Matheson… a lot. People listening intently (in other words, quietly).

5:35 PM Now Love is talking something I want to hear. The American dream is not dead. The government is not the road to prosperity. Hard work can take you far beyond what the government can ever promise. And that gets applause. Lots. Standing.

5:38 PM Jay Cobb is up. Haven’t heard from this guy in a long time. Alone on the stage with his wife, and, surprisingly, his speech is unoriginal, but personal.

5:42 PM Cobb’s not really inspiring me, but I can’t help but like him. He means well, he’s articulate, and he’s sincere.

5:44 PM Cobb petters out and we all give one more round of applause for the Fourth Congressional candidates, and I’m out of here.


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