January 22, 2018

Why Democrat Party Losses in the Utah Legislature Aren’t About the Map

It’s easy to point to gerrymandering as the reason Utah Democrat Party losses in the 2014 mid-term elections grew by three. Easy, but pusillanimous. It removes blame from Democrat candidates, donors, strategists and campaign workers and instead puts it on the shoulders of cheating Republicans, ruling with a super-er majority in the Utah Legislature.  But Legislative […]

The Non-Existent Live Democratic Response to Governor Herbert’s State of the State Speech

Last night, Utah Governor Gary Herbert gave his State of the State speech. With the speech carried live by KSL News Radio, I listened in over dinner with the family (yes, that’s a good thing). As it ended and the applause subsided, we stayed tuned, waiting to hear the Utah Democrats’ response. After all, hadn’t […]

Poll Results from “Insiders” on the Utah Nomination System

A couple of days back, I presented a very brief summary of the debate occurring in the Utah Republican and Democratic Parties about the efforts of an outside group, the County My Vote committee, to influence how Utah’s parties conduct their nomination system. You can read it here. I posted a poll of my readers asking […]

LaVarr Webb’s insiders weigh in on Utah’s nomination system [POLL]

Don’t forget to vote in the poll at the bottom of this post! If you’ve been following inside politics around Utah of late, then you know that the talk among the party insiders–in both the Republican and Democratic Parties–has largely centered around whether Utah’s caucus system needs an update, should be jettisoned to make way […]

Why Dabakis Won and What We Can Expect [Contributor]

Sometimes you need a Democrat to explain why Democrats do what they do.

So I turned to a friend, Curtis Haring, a Democrat and coincidentally one of the delegates who participated in the special election that chose Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Dabakis to replace Salt Lake County Mayor Elect Ben McAdams in the Utah Senate, for his take on what happened and why. As a blogger at Blue in Red Zion (add it to your reader!), Curtis often impresses me with insightful analysis and a civil tone. He avoids the inflammatory rhetoric that is all too prevalent in politics, and so even when we disagree, it’s hard not to like him.

With that in mind, I asked Curtis two questions, and he was gracious enough to answer them:

Why was Jim Dabakis selected over others? And what should we expect from him during the 2013 legislative session?

A Democratic Lovefest: Thoughts on the Senate District 2 Debate

Last night I found myself at the Utah Senate District 2 debate watching a bunch of bleeding heart Democrats try their best to convince the 160 Democratic delegates who will vote in the special election that each is the most liberal candidate.

It was like watching the Republican primary debates in reverse. Instead of trying to be the most conservative, they were trying to be the most liberal. I had to pinch myself to see if I was still awake. This is Utah, right?

Salt Lake County facing not one but two tax hikes in 2013

In an act bereft of leadership, Peter Corroon’s goodbye gift to Salt Lake County is a proposed 17.5% property tax increase. The proposal comes just days after voters in Salt Lake County approved a $47 million bond (Proposition 1) for parks and trails and chose Democrat Ben McAdams–who promised to “will hold the line on taxes”–to replace Corroon. Both would take effect in 2013.