February 25, 2018

Republicans not piling on to Democrats over the Miller scandal

“Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth.” Proverbs 24:17 After 32 days of near silence, the Democratic Caucus of the Utah House called for Rep. Justin Miller to resign. About time (says Maryann Martindale). And stop dragging my party through the mud, says Senator Jim Dabakis. […]

Media malpractice on Justin Miller or wink wink nudge nudge?

The more you look at the whole Justin Miller scandal (more on that here, here, here, and, heck, one more: here), the more you start to wonder: Where are the calls for investigation?  Where are the editorial boards of the press? Other than the fascinating reporting by City Weekly, the rest of the press (as well as the left side of […]

Another Scandal: Why didn’t this come out in October? Oh, wait…

Utah blindsided by another political scandal File this under: “Things That Would Have Been Nice To Know Last October.” Wednesday morning, Utah woke up to another political bombshell.  Accused of stealing $30,000 in campaign funds, Rep. Justin Miller, a first-term member of the Utah House, was fired from his job working for Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. […]

Transparency in the Healthy Utah discussion

Whatever your position on expanding Medicaid in Utah, attacking the post-legislative session discussions as being “secretive” only makes sense if you don’t know anything about public policy formation. When Healthy Utah failed to pass out of a House committee late in the 2015 Legislative Session, Governor Gary Herbert promised to call a special session in July. It […]

House Leaders Draw Lines Over Healthy Utah

In a set of op-eds that must leave Governor Herbert less than sanguine, Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes and Representative Dan McCay have spelled out their opposition to Healthy Utah. Healthy Utah just passed the Utah Senate on a vote of 17 for and 11 against and is headed over to the House. With Hughes spelling out […]

Why King’s Campaign Finance Bill is Ironic (and DOA)

On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Brian King’s campaign finance bill hit a snag when the House Government Operations Committee voted unanimously to hold HB60, ostensibly because of concerns about the Swallow scandal. King’s bill would limit donations from individuals to candidates to $10,000 for statewide races and $5,000 for legislative races. “I want to see if there is […]

How Much Debt Does Utah Have?

How much debt does Utah actually have? And how will that debt affect Utah’s ability to fund important priorities in coming years?  Utah’s historical measure of its general obligation debt is higher than average for states with a AAA debt rating, but other liabilities might raise it higher still.  Only prudent policy will allow Utah to plan […]