February 22, 2018

Book Review: Mia Love — The Rise, Stumble and Resurgence of the Next GOP Star, by Matt Canham, Robert Gehrke and Thomas Burr

With Mia Love: The Rise, Stumble and Resurgence of the Next GOP Star, a biography of Mia Love by Salt Lake Tribune reporter Matt Canham,  with Robert Gehrke and Thomas Burr, readers are fortunate to find a glimpse into the history and biography of Utah’s newest Representative to Congress, the first black, Republican woman to be elected […]


I’ll get right to the point: there’s a new blog in town, and I recommend you check it out: VANILOQUENCE It’s the newly inaugurated site of local (to Salt Lake City) journalist Chris Vanocur. He defines “Vaniloquence” as a  “Vain or foolish talk,” but the blog is anything but. It may show a lighter side the news […]

In debate, Crockett and McAdams differ in management styles and careers [Examiner.com]

One, Democrat Ben McAdams, is a first term state senator, senior adviser to the Mayor of Salt Lake City, and a lawyer. The other, Republican Mark Crockett, is a businessman with a law degree and career turning struggling companies into successful ventures. Both touted their experience as appropriate for the chief executive position in Salt Lake County, reminding listeners of competing plans to reform the county.

BYU v. Mitt Romney: who will Utah watch?

BYU? Or Mitt Romney? What will you watch tonight?

Tonight, in an event historic for many in Utah, Mitt Romney will take the stage at the Republican National Convention and accept the Republican nomination for President. He’s Utah’s favorite adopted son, “savior” of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and both he and Ann are BYU alumni.

Speaking of BYU, it’s the football season opener tonight. [cont…]

Attacks on ALEC: Transparency or policy?

Is it transparency? Or is it policy? The American Legislative Exchange Council was under attack this week, mostly for not being transparent, from organizations led by the Alliance for a Better Utah. What is behind the attack? [cont…]

WRR: Beerhive Pub

I ate lunch at Beerhive Pub today, and I can’t say much about the beer there, so don’t ask.

I had a sandwich called “the Beerhive” and was piled high with so many cold cut meats[…]

City Weekly asks: Is John Swallow offering access to the Attorney General in return for donations?

“Now, this is kind of confidential, but when I’m the attorney general, I will try to restructure it so Consumer Protection is under the AG [office] and the attorney general has more authority over those investigations. In fact—complete authority over that,” Swallow is heard telling telemarketing-business owner Aaron Christner in an April 7 phone conversation.

This is all the more disturbing because Swallow is making this statement to a member of an industry–companies involved in online-business opportunities and Internet marketing–that has collectively donated $82,284 to his campaign. [cont…]