January 20, 2018

In defense of physical books: home “libraries matter even more than money”

I can’t tell you how often Abby (7 going on 14) has gone into our library/office to find a book to read (or how often Oz, 4, or Ann, 2, carries them around, pretending to read). We’re still accumulating our collection, but she’s never come away without a book or three. Usually, I’ve got to […]

Utah Politico Summer Reading: Senator Todd Weiler

It’s not too late to start a new book. And if you need a good idea or two, here are a few that Utah’s politicos are reading.  This is the tenth in a series on what Utah’s politicians have on their summer reading lists. Senator Todd Weiler represents Utah Senate 23, which covers parts of both Salt Lake and Davis […]

Contributor post on KSL.com: “Fiction is good for you…”

In case you missed it, my post on the benefits of reading fiction, and why you should read it, was posted by KSL.com this morning. Click on over to KSL and take a look and, if you like it, please share it. Thanks!

Why I Read Fiction, and Why You Should, Too.

“If reading is the key to self-mastery, fiction is the master key. […] But fiction demands that you either identify with the characters’ decisions or distance yourself from them, and this has a powerful effect. In doing so you shape your own moral experience. Although it may seem to be far removed from the center of the culture right now, fiction remains the best form of reading — the single best way to achieve all of reading’s goods.”

Why fiction?

I have a friend who won’t read fiction. He doesn’t eschew just the fun stuff that I enjoy and use to escape, but even the more difficult (though just as enjoyable) classics and serious fiction. He just doesn’t see the point. He’s not the only one. I run into a lot of people like that. Now, […]

Newsflash: Book ownership an indicator of education levels – ksl.com

My Better-Half, always alert to improving our children’s chances, sent me an article yesterday. More books around the house will be an indicator how well our kids will do educationally, she said. According to the link to KSL.com Children with as few as 25 books in the family household completed on average two more years […]

“Statecraft as Soulcraft: What Government Does” by George Will

Cover of Statecraft as Soulcraft I recently picked up an old book by one of the more articulate columnists and thinkers I enjoy reading, “Statecraft as Soulcraft: What Government Does” by George Will. In this circa 1983 book, Will writes in tight, literate sentences, unraveling the genealogy of conservatism, questioning what it is that conservatives really believe. […]