January 22, 2018

FEC files complaint against Jeremy Johnson for illegal donations to Mark Shurtleff, Mike Lee and Harry Reid

This is why we can’t have nice things. In a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint filed in federal court, Jeremy Johnson is in hot water again, charged with violating federal elections law in 2012 by using  illegal “straw donors” to funnel up to $170,000 candidates for the US Senate, Mark Shurtleff, Mike Lee, and Harry Reid. According to […]

New Poll Shows Healthy Utah Has Less Than Fifty Percent Support Among Informed Voters

Informed voters don’t support Healthy Utah, according to a new poll. The poll results will provide ammo to opponents of the Medicaid expansion, further complicating Governor Gary Herbert‘s efforts to find a compromise with conservative legislators to cover uninsured Utahns. The poll, released today and embedded below, shows less than fifty percent of informed voters support Healthy Utah when given […]

House Leaders Draw Lines Over Healthy Utah

In a set of op-eds that must leave Governor Herbert less than sanguine, Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes and Representative Dan McCay have spelled out their opposition to Healthy Utah. Healthy Utah just passed the Utah Senate on a vote of 17 for and 11 against and is headed over to the House. With Hughes spelling out […]

What is Going On In Wasatch County?

Early on in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Horatio and Marcellus lament with Prince Hamlet the sad state of Denmark’s body politic. Marcellus observes that “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” To read the news coming out of Wasatch County, it’s difficult not to wonder if something is rotten in Wasatch County. The FBI is interviewing […]

Utah AG Reyes Talks About El Cid, the Great Puhi, Bushido Warriors and Speaking Truth to Power in His Second Inauguration

Attorney General Sean Reyes began his second year in office and his first since facing voters in November. His inauguration speech set a tone of inclusiveness  and cross-cultural depth, as well as a willingness to fight even tough battles when the cause is just. It’s hard to make politics interesting to the average American. Let’s be honest: the […]

How Much Debt Does Utah Have?

How much debt does Utah actually have? And how will that debt affect Utah’s ability to fund important priorities in coming years?  Utah’s historical measure of its general obligation debt is higher than average for states with a AAA debt rating, but other liabilities might raise it higher still.  Only prudent policy will allow Utah to plan […]

KSL’s Sheryl Worsley Files Ethics Inquiry Over Trib’s Mia Love Biography

In a coup for raising the standards of professional journalists (who are disappearing like dinosaurs after a giant meteorite hit), KSL’s News Director Sheryl Worsley (not apparently acting in her capacity as a KSL employee) sent an “ethics inquiry” to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to complain about the Salt Lake Tribune’s publication of a biography on […]