January 22, 2018

Utah GOP Chair James Evans letter spells out legal basis for SB 54 dispute: Certification to Utah Supreme Court next?

In a letter Friday (embedded below), Utah GOP Chair James Evans responded to two previous letters from Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox relating to issues of disagreement between the Utah Republican Party and the Utah Elections Office over SB 54. In the letter, Evans highlights areas of disagreement with the LG and spells out the […]

Mark Twain on the statistics of indiscriminate mass shootings in 2015

As the debate over how public policy should respond to mass shootings whips into a heated fury of facts, figures, statistics and memes, I can’t help but remember Mark Twain’s insight on the media: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” The last few days have seen a proliferation of examples […]

San Bernardino, knee-jerk reactions, and the hope for change

It may be too late for me to post-up my knee-jerk reaction to yesterday’s shootings in San Bernardino. It is a tragedy, and I hurt for those who have been killed or injured and for their families and loved ones. Nothing of this world can restore to them to what was lost yesterday. Today, in […]

Must We “Celebrate Everyone’s Parade?”

In my duties as a police officer, I have been called upon to protect events I disagree with, including several LGBT rallies. I never felt that my personal or religious beliefs “exempted” me from serving or protecting anyone’s First Amendment rights or safety. I love and respect them as fellow children of God; however, I […]

Deterrence, Revenge, and the Death Penalty: Rep. Paul Ray Proposes Executing Sex Traffickers

Rep. Paul Ray of Clearfield, Utah recently announced that he wanted to apply the death penalty to child sex traffickers. As a father of girls, let me be among the first to say: sex traffickers deserve a special place in the Hell, and I want to do all I can to help them to that dark dungeon expeditiously. […]

Money and Politics: Like Water Flowing

Money and Politics: recently, Salt Lake Tribune columnist George Pyle wrote that the onus is on voters to choose the leaders of our republic.  Is it the voter’s responsibility to shift through the lies? Or is there a role for government in regulating speech and money in politics? “Get money out of politics.” “Heightened transparency.” “Campaign finance […]

Seven Reasons It’s Getting Harder to be a Print Reporter

Reporters are being laid off in waves. Pressure from Wall Street on print media is requiring change to century old business models. And police seem increasingly willing to use force when reporters are in the way. Here are seven reasons it’s getting harder to be a First Amendment warrior in the Age of the Internet. […]