November 22, 2017

Your logical fallacy is…

Someone ought to make finding logical fallacies in a politician’s speech into bingo. Just turn on the State of the Union speech and start filling your bingo card.

If it was a game, would be the score keeper and the posters they are giving away for free would be the bingo card.

From the text on their poster, the site explains what a fallacy is, where  you can expect to find them,  and how to turn them back on their user.

A logical fallacy is often what has happened when someone is wrong about something. It’s a flaw in reasoning. They’re like tricks or illusions of thought, and they’re often very sneakily used by politicians, the media, and others to fool people. Don’t be fooled!

And the site is great, featuring links to each type of logical fallacy so that, when you’re deep in the midst of that never-ending online debate, you can finally prove why your opponents argument just doesn’t carry water.

Also, if you’re feel really gung-ho, they have full size vector files linked to the site that allow you to print out a full color poster of the fallacies, summarized and stylized for your reference. It would look great up on the wall next to that autographed picture of Antonin Scalia, don’t you think?

Learn the fallacies, and learn them well. You’ll be arguing like Plato in no time flat!



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