February 22, 2018

1st Black Republican Woman in Congress? Mia Puts Utah on Drudge.

Matheson’s Re-Election Is On the Rocks

Mayor Mia Love of Saratoga Springs secured the Republican nomination for Congress by a resounding margin at Saturday’s convention, garnering a whopping 70% of the vote from the GOP delegates of Utah’s 4th Congressional District. The excitement and energy Love brought was palpable in the convention center. Mia Love is clearly entering the race for Congress with the wind at her back, something that cannot be said for her Democrat opponent. [cont…]

Utah is becoming even more Republican…if that’s even possible.

Last night, or early this morning, I engaged in some hyperbolic jousting over Twitter with the inestimable Deb Henry, a candidate for Vice Chair of the Utah Democratic Party. Amidst the trash talk, Deb reminded the world why she is running for Vice Chair of the Utah Democratic Party (yes, our state has one). http://twitter.com/heydebhenry/status/75806018684207104 […]

The next US attorney for Utah: a Republican?

With David Schwendiman no longer a nominee for US attorney from Utah, the Obama Administration has had to look elsewhere for the lead federal prosecutor in Utah.  And their gaze seems tohave fallen on Scott Burns, Iron County attorney and former candidate for Utah attorney general.  His post recent position is as executive director of […]