February 22, 2018

Ted Cruz: Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?

I am a fan of Senator Mike Lee’s justice reform efforts in Congress. They’re solid ideas, and they will make a difference. I appreciate his efforts to find ways to create conservative and pragmatic solutions to big problems. He’s a serious-minded policy maker, and his efforts to reform the justice system could be significant. Senator Ted Cruz, […]

Utah LG Spencer Cox extends olive branch to GOP Chair James Evans, explains state’s SB 54 legal position

Can a soft answer turn away wrath? In a letter yesterday, Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox responded to a letter from Utah Republican Party Chair James Evans with an apology and an explanation of the state’s legal position on SB 54 issues. In the letter to Cox, sent earlier this month, Evans requested that the […]

The candidates to replace Justin Miller in HD 40

With Justin Miller’s resignation in effect on November 11, Democrats will gather to select a replacement, choosing from four candidates to send one to Governor Gary Herbert for appointment to fill out Miller’s term representing HD 40. Early on, prior even to Miller’s resignation, former HD 40 Representative Lynn Hemingway let it be known that […]

FEC files complaint against Jeremy Johnson for illegal donations to Mark Shurtleff, Mike Lee and Harry Reid

This is why we can’t have nice things. In a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint filed in federal court, Jeremy Johnson is in hot water again, charged with violating federal elections law in 2012 by using  illegal “straw donors” to funnel up to $170,000 candidates for the US Senate, Mark Shurtleff, Mike Lee, and Harry Reid. According to […]

The Two Things That MIGHT Impact Voter Turnout and What They Mean for Count My Vote

Voter turnout is down, but why fewer voters show up is complicated. Competition and duty help explain it, but only partially. Even with Count My Vote changes taking effect this year, don’t expect higher voter turnout.   A New Low for Democracy As a nation, we don’t turn out to vote very consistently, and we’re getting […]

Why Democrat Party Losses in the Utah Legislature Aren’t About the Map

It’s easy to point to gerrymandering as the reason Utah Democrat Party losses in the 2014 mid-term elections grew by three. Easy, but pusillanimous. It removes blame from Democrat candidates, donors, strategists and campaign workers and instead puts it on the shoulders of cheating Republicans, ruling with a super-er majority in the Utah Legislature.  But Legislative […]

Want your driver’s license? Register to vote, first.

In a year when Utah elected the first black, Republican woman (a Mormon to boot) to Congress , the Beehive State still only managed to turn out an estimated 40% of registered voters to the polls. That’s about 27% of the total population of the state weighing in on who should represent Utah to the US Congress, […]