January 20, 2018

Your logical fallacy is…

Someone ought to make finding logical fallacies in a politician’s speech into bingo. Just turn on the State of the Union speech and start filling your bingo card.

If it was a game, yourlogicalfallacyis.com would be the score keeper and the posters they are giving away for free would be the bingo card. [cont…]

Cautionary tale hits the big screen – ABC 4.com – Salt Lake City, Utah News

In case you missed the the 10 PM news last night… The movie trailer is cut. The posters printed. Ayn Rand’s fourth, last, and longest novel is now a movie. Well, part one of it at least. Chair of the Utah Young Republicans Daniel Burton says, “We’ve heard it’s low budget but we still hope […]

Peacemakers and lawyers: synonymous?

Perusing a copy of the ABA‘s GPSOLO magazine, I came across an article focused on attorneys as peacemakers in a family law setting.  With my sister recently divorced, and knowing plenty of attorneys who make their living in divorces, I know that peacemaking is not an easily obtained goal, if it even is a goal […]