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Photos from the Utah Republican Party State Convention Booths


Live Blogging the Utah Republican State Convention – Part 3

3:52 PM Sorry, folks. Ran into some friends, and so I took a break. Anyway, what you missed is that the auditor race went to a primary after Johnson campaigned on “I’m a CPA” and Becky Lockhart and Mike Waddups introduced John Dougall. Now, we’re listening to the the First Congressional candidates. Joe Fabiano just […]

Live Blogging the Utah Republican State Convention – Part 2

1:08 PM We’re listening to a “short” report from Senator Mike Lee. Talking about a constituent request from a young man, a boy of 13, really, about opening up a road for his grandfather to check on his land better. Now, Logan Dalton being introduced with his grandfather…but I don’t see where they are. 1:12 […]

Live Blogging the Utah State Republican Convention – Part 1

10:33 AM Getting a little bit of  a late start this morning…but give me some credit. There are 51 candidates here today and I had to run around and get pictures of as many as I could. At this point, they’ve already explained how electronic voting will work, and it means that no one will […]