February 25, 2018

Utah GOP Chair James Evans letter spells out legal basis for SB 54 dispute: Certification to Utah Supreme Court next?

In a letter Friday (embedded below), Utah GOP Chair James Evans responded to two previous letters from Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox relating to issues of disagreement between the Utah Republican Party and the Utah Elections Office over SB 54. In the letter, Evans highlights areas of disagreement with the LG and spells out the […]

Getting Dirty in Salt Lake County’s Assessor Race

The campaign for Salt Lake County Assessor, one of the sleepiest elected offices in Salt Lake County (if not the whole state), is getting dirty. In the race between the old and the young, surrogates of Kevin Jacobs’ have accused  Jake Parkinson, also a candidate for Salt Lake County Assessor, of making sexist and degrading […]

Utah’s Fourth Congressional District: What’s in a Young Gun?

With Jim Matheson retiring at the end of his term, the odds on favorite to win the seat will be a Republican. I say “will” because short of a scandal for the Republican nominee, it’s more likely that Suriname will host the Winter Olympics than that Democrat Doug Owens will win the seat in 2014. Sorry, […]

Hawkins vs. Tingley: An Unappealing Set of Selections for SLCo Auditor

In an email to Salt Lake County delegates over the weekend, Republican Greg Hawkins accused his opponent for the Republican nomination for Salt Lake County Auditor, Scott Tingley, of being a Democrat for most of his adult life. Then, in a strange twist, Tingley admitted it. According to Hawkins, Tingley is a long-time Democrat and […]

Candidates for Utah Republican Party Treasurer: Rick Votaw [Contributor]

A candidate for Utah Republican Party Treasurer, Rick Votaw is seeking election by the Utah State Republican Central Committee to replace former Treasurer Dave Crittenden. This is the third in a series of brief profiles on those who have filed to run for election to the spot. As information comes out, I will update the profiles here. […]

Interim v Long-Term Utah Attorney General [POLL RESULTS]

Over the last couple days, Publius Online has hosted a totally non-scientific poll of whether you, the readers, think Governor Gary Herbert should select as the next Utah Attorney General an interim or a long-term appointment. The person selected will serve a term until the end of 2014, when they must either face reelection in […]

Picking the Best Candidate for Utah Attorney General

Tomorrow, the Republican Party will forward three names to Governor Gary Herbert who will appoint one of them as Utah Attorney General. All have great qualities, but only one of them has the right balance to manage the office, restore the public trust, and win reelection next year against a vigorous Democratic challenge for the […]