January 23, 2018

Ted Cruz: Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?

I am a fan of Senator Mike Lee’s justice reform efforts in Congress. They’re solid ideas, and they will make a difference. I appreciate his efforts to find ways to create conservative and pragmatic solutions to big problems. He’s a serious-minded policy maker, and his efforts to reform the justice system could be significant. Senator Ted Cruz, […]

Utah GOP Chair James Evans letter spells out legal basis for SB 54 dispute: Certification to Utah Supreme Court next?

In a letter Friday (embedded below), Utah GOP Chair James Evans responded to two previous letters from Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox relating to issues of disagreement between the Utah Republican Party and the Utah Elections Office over SB 54. In the letter, Evans highlights areas of disagreement with the LG and spells out the […]

Utah LG Spencer Cox extends olive branch to GOP Chair James Evans, explains state’s SB 54 legal position

Can a soft answer turn away wrath? In a letter yesterday, Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox responded to a letter from Utah Republican Party Chair James Evans with an apology and an explanation of the state’s legal position on SB 54 issues. In the letter to Cox, sent earlier this month, Evans requested that the […]

The candidates to replace Justin Miller in HD 40

With Justin Miller’s resignation in effect on November 11, Democrats will gather to select a replacement, choosing from four candidates to send one to Governor Gary Herbert for appointment to fill out Miller’s term representing HD 40. Early on, prior even to Miller’s resignation, former HD 40 Representative Lynn Hemingway let it be known that […]

Out with the baby, or just with the bathwater? Now that Governor Herbert won’t assemble a USBE nomination committee, what next?

Due to a 2014 court case, Governor Gary Herbert won’t be putting together a state board of education recruiting and nomination committee this year, even though it’s required by law. Under Utah law, the governor is required to assemble a committee for the purpose of recruiting and preparing a list of candidates for the Utah State […]

Ashley Madison: Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. This applies as much to using Ashley Madison to arrange an affair as it does to using the Ashley Madison hack to expose those who used the site. As a political blogger read by literally dozens of people worldwide, I know that the allure of dumpster diving into […]

38 reasons Utah won’t see Medicaid expansion this year

It might be 2016, or even 2017, before Utah sees legislative action on Medicaid expansion. A self-imposed July 31 deadline blew past without any compromise between House Leadership and the Governor, despite a loose framework for the compromise. At this rate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see Medicaid expansion this year. The 2016 campaign season has effectively begun […]