January 20, 2018

Ted Cruz: Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?

I am a fan of Senator Mike Lee’s justice reform efforts in Congress. They’re solid ideas, and they will make a difference. I appreciate his efforts to find ways to create conservative and pragmatic solutions to big problems. He’s a serious-minded policy maker, and his efforts to reform the justice system could be significant. Senator Ted Cruz, […]

Out with the baby, or just with the bathwater? Now that Governor Herbert won’t assemble a USBE nomination committee, what next?

Due to a 2014 court case, Governor Gary Herbert won’t be putting together a state board of education recruiting and nomination committee this year, even though it’s required by law. Under Utah law, the governor is required to assemble a committee for the purpose of recruiting and preparing a list of candidates for the Utah State […]

38 reasons Utah won’t see Medicaid expansion this year

It might be 2016, or even 2017, before Utah sees legislative action on Medicaid expansion. A self-imposed July 31 deadline blew past without any compromise between House Leadership and the Governor, despite a loose framework for the compromise. At this rate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see Medicaid expansion this year. The 2016 campaign season has effectively begun […]

Planned Parenthood can clean up its image with this one simple step

Governor Gary Herbert did the right thing in telling Utah agencies not to pass through federal grant money to Planned Parenthood. Sure, Pro Choice activists will mock, in strongly worded Facebook posts, that Herbert’s action was mostly ineffectual since most of Planned Parenthood’s money comes directly though the federal government. Further, what money does pass through state agencies is […]

Transparency in the Healthy Utah discussion

Whatever your position on expanding Medicaid in Utah, attacking the post-legislative session discussions as being “secretive” only makes sense if you don’t know anything about public policy formation. When Healthy Utah failed to pass out of a House committee late in the 2015 Legislative Session, Governor Gary Herbert promised to call a special session in July. It […]

New Poll Shows Healthy Utah Has Less Than Fifty Percent Support Among Informed Voters

Informed voters don’t support Healthy Utah, according to a new poll. The poll results will provide ammo to opponents of the Medicaid expansion, further complicating Governor Gary Herbert‘s efforts to find a compromise with conservative legislators to cover uninsured Utahns. The poll, released today and embedded below, shows less than fifty percent of informed voters support Healthy Utah when given […]

Utah Medicaid Expansion Polls: The False Dichotomy Problem

If there’s one thing that the pollsters who have raised their collective fingers to the wind of Utah public opinion in recent months can agree upon, it’s that Utah voters don’t know much about Medicaid expansion.  That’s a problem, not only for making public policy, but for trusting the polls to determine what the public […]