February 25, 2018

Be Careful When You Ask Out SCOTUS

When you ask a girl to the prom and she says no, you have a pretty good idea she simply doesn’t like you. Now, maybe she has a legitimate excuse, but, let’s be honest, “I have to visit my grandma” really isn’t all that legitimate. She’s just not that into you, dude. Deal with it. […]

Justice Thomas: not unlike a hobbit crossing “the deserts of Mordor.”

Justice Thomas is, quietly, laying groundwork for reviving and restoring sections of the Constitution long thought to be dormant, if not dead. Not unlike a hobbit trekking to Mount Doom, as he has been compared, he is laying groundwork that sets back liberal causes, if not completely turns back the clock, several decades.

And the funniest guy on the Supreme Court is…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And Chief Justice Roberts has taken that to heart. On Monday, while the Supreme Court was taking oral arguments and handing down opinions, the Chief took several opportunities to poke fun and to shoot off a witty question. After handing down a unanimous opinion rejecting […]

Life at 133 questions an hour; or, do the Supremes really care what the lawyers think?

Curiously, to many, Justice Clarence Thomas rarely asks questions during oral arguments at the Supreme Court. If at all. Here’s a run down of his stats, as well as some other interesting numbers related to questioning by Supreme Court Justices (according to Constitutional Daily): 5 – Years Clarence Thomas has gone without asking a question […]

Will Justice Roberts skip the State of the Union?

Remember when President Obama took a shot at the Supreme Court during last year’s State of the Union address? Go here to watch a short clip of it if you don’t. President Obama (aka POTUS) chided the Supreme Court for their ruling in Citizens United, which overturned aspects of then current campaign finance law, specifically cutting […]

Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting before the Supremes

Remember this one? This case deals with series of laws passed in Arizona in response to the failure of the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws. As summarized by the ACLU in September: As part of a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration laws, Congress adopted a series of carefully calibrated measures, beginning in the […]

Volokh’s caption contest: may the force be with you

And now for something completely different, and good for a chuckle, too. The Volokh Conspiracy is running a caption contest for this photo: The caption winner so far? “You don’t need to see my birth certificate.” “I don’t need to see your birth certificate.” (The Volokh Conspiracy)