February 25, 2018

When you can’t win on the economy, go after gay marriage.

Typically, I write off most of what Joe Biden says to gaffs. Even in jest, though, the truth is often found. Like when he said he supported gay marriage while the President’s views were still “evolving,” whatever that means.

Actually–wait. I’ll tell you what “evolving” means: it means that the President, as of this morning, supports gay marriage. Three days after the Vice President’s gaff, and a day after a very flustered White House Press Secretary fought to keep the news media at bay, a quickly arranged interview with ABC reveiled that the President’s views on marriage are no longer “evolving.” He supports gay marriage.

Never mind that it flies in the face of laws and state constitutional amendments in over thirty states, including, also as of this morning, North Carolina. I write that policy change off to more than just the Veep’s gaff–it’s the result of a previously calculated development of a wedge issue. If the president can’t win on the economy–and he can’t–he’s going to go after something else.

Justice Thomas: not unlike a hobbit crossing “the deserts of Mordor.”

Justice Thomas is, quietly, laying groundwork for reviving and restoring sections of the Constitution long thought to be dormant, if not dead. Not unlike a hobbit trekking to Mount Doom, as he has been compared, he is laying groundwork that sets back liberal causes, if not completely turns back the clock, several decades.

Immigration Debate: Federal or state purview?

Image by Renegade98 via Flickr Recently, the local Deseret News has seen debate on its opinion page, and carried over in the Facebook-sphere, on the immigration issue, especially as it relates to whether immigration policy is the purview of states or the federal government, and in many respects, it returns to Constitutional interpretation by the […]