January 23, 2018

Five Signs Doug Owens Doesn’t Plan on Winning

Democrat Doug Owens is running for Congress in Utah’s Fourth Congressional District. Or at least he is on paper. In real life, it looks like another thing.  Whether he’s wowing us with his pie-making skills or telling us that the chaos in his campaign has been the plan all along, the Owens campaign seems doomed. And that’s […]

Campaign Fundraising: Free Speech or Extortion?

Utah has learned a lot about the state of campaign fundraising in recent months. We have John Swallow and Jason Powers to thank for that. With perhaps more creativity than we would like to give them credit for, Swallow and Powers found ways to duck, dodge, and hide from just about every Utah law designed […]

If the Crime Doesn’t Fit, Perhaps the Cover Up Will

While Utah Attorney General John Swallow may get off for the questionable behavior that helped him win elections, a cover up may be more difficult to dodge. And the House subpoenas into a bevy of shadowy organizations and political operatives, such as Jason Powers, may be aimed at just that. It wasn’t the Watergate break-in […]

Matheson, the man afraid of his constituents?

Alone among the Utah congressional delegation, Congressman Jim Matheson stopped holding town halls in 2007, over five years  ago. What is he afraid of? As children head back to school and leaves begin to change, Members of Congress are coming to the end of the August recess and preparing to return to Washington, D.C. They’ve […]

Love rakes in numerous small donations, while Matheson milks PACs for money

After falling just short (a mere 800 votes short) of unseating the unflappable Jim Matheson as Utah’s lone Democrat in Congress in 2012, Mia Love is well on her way to raising the money necessary to finish the job in 2014. Filings with the Federal Elections Commission show that Love has been raising money at a […]

How does Matheson survive? He doesn’t.

Today, in Salt Lake Magazine, Rebecca Walsh writes what is probably best described as “free advertising.” With almost no news worthy event to write about, Walsh goes after the obvious topic of concern to Salt Lake: how Jim Matheson wins reelection. With a Republican Primary nearly upon us–which means a race for Attorney General, Auditor, US Senator, and a County Mayor (PS vote Mark Crockett), at least–Walsh opts to cover the race that is all but on the back-burner until after June 26th. [cont…]

1st Black Republican Woman in Congress? Mia Puts Utah on Drudge.