January 21, 2018

Utah’s Fourth Congressional District: What’s in a Young Gun?

With Jim Matheson retiring at the end of his term, the odds on favorite to win the seat will be a Republican. I say “will” because short of a scandal for the Republican nominee, it’s more likely that Suriname will host the Winter Olympics than that Democrat Doug Owens will win the seat in 2014. Sorry, […]

Senator Lee Proposes Interesting Ideas, But He Needs to Find Common Ground

Senator Mike Lee‘s proposed legislation aimed at redefining the conservative movement is full of good ideas. However, as long as the legislation requires repeal of Obamacare–and until Congress is held by veto-proof majorities of Republicans–the bills could be dead on arrival. Lee needs a path that both finds common ground with opponents and moves his […]

Just Another Government Shutdown Rant

Everyone else is sounding off on the government shutdown today, so I might as well chime in before real information becomes available and all the bloviating and pontificating and ranting and raving becomes just so much dross and drivel and we find out what the effect of the shutdown really is. <rant> First off, I […]

The Message I Brought to Washington [Contributor]

Politicians in Washington often like to talk about their “children and grandchildren” more than they listen to them. If not, our country would not be in $17 trillion of debt and sinking deeper. That is why I recently represented Utah at Capitol Hill, as part of the millennial-led “The Can Kicks Back” campaign, to meet […]

Members of Congress shouldn’t get a pass from Obamacare

The following is an op-ed I wrote for KSL’s Statecraft page, posted on August 2, 2013. Over the last few months, members of Congress and their staffs have been worried about losing their health care subsidies and being forced to participate in the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges, as the rest of us will be […]

Love rakes in numerous small donations, while Matheson milks PACs for money

After falling just short (a mere 800 votes short) of unseating the unflappable Jim Matheson as Utah’s lone Democrat in Congress in 2012, Mia Love is well on her way to raising the money necessary to finish the job in 2014. Filings with the Federal Elections Commission show that Love has been raising money at a […]

Spending, not guns, on our minds

A funny thing happened to President Obama on his way to increasing federal regulation of firearms. Members of Congress noticed that gun control wasn’t a top priority for their constituents and handed the President his first major legislative loss. Instead, Americans are still more concerned about the economy and the state of our fiscal house. […]