February 25, 2018

The Man Behind the Curtain and the Suspension of the Law

It’s one thing to delay the implementation of a massive, complex and far reaching government program because it is, well, massive, complex, and far reaching. It’s quite another to act like it’s completely normal and anyone who says otherwise is up in the night. But that’s exactly what the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney […]

From the WSJ: “The Magnitude of the Mess We’re In.”

Suppose you were offered the job of Treasury secretary a few months from now. Would you accept?

Should the rich pay more taxes (than they already do)?

If where the “fair share” line is up to private opinion, what does it say about President Obama’s opinion that, when the economy is struggling and unemployment is high, he wants to take wealth out of our country to balance the debt? Wouldn’t it be better to grow the economy and lower the cost of government? Why would we soak the rich–most of them owners of businesses and investors in businesses–at the very time capital is most needed to grow business and expand? [cont…]

McNaughton’s “One Nation Under Socialism” Harms Political Discourse

I’m embarrassed that the likes of Jon McNaughton are helping raise Utah’s profile nationally. Depicting Barack Obama in terms that are just short of demonic, McNaughton is harming more than hurting. Perhaps the purpose of art is to shock and persuade, but subtlety is lost on McNaughton as he uses art like a 2×4 to hit his viewers over the head with his opinions. Playing on fears and anxieties that are real, McNaughton distracts from the important educational process that is necessary to create an informed public . [cont…]

Obama’s 2012 Budget Proposal is a Trip to La-la Land.

What would you say if I told you that the Obama Administration is proposing in a budget that cuts out spending to the equivalent to getting a penny off of your Wendy’s value meal?

Let’s be clear: for an administration that has had to deal with the worst economy in decades, the Obama Administration has proven an uncanny ability to live in La-la Land when it comes time to make a budget.

I don’t say this to attack the Obama Administration on its handling of the economy. Indeed, that might be seen as a different issue. Rather, I point it out because it is significant in that budgeting is how the executive branch sets its priorities for the coming year. As yet, over the course of his tenure in the White House, the President has not had a budget survive through Congress, even when his party controlled both the Senate and House.

Further, it is widely accepted by economists that once national debt exceeds 90% of GDP (gross domestic product or the value of everything a country produces in a year), “annual economic growth tends to be about one percentage point lower.” The current GDP for the US is about$14.58 Trillion. The current national debt is at $15.087 Trillion, or about 103.45% of GDP. [cont…]

The death of boredom, the doom of creativity, and the fall of Western Civilization.

Do you know what America’s problem is? No, it’s not the economy. It’s not even the politicians. No, it’s something worse. It’s your iPhone/Android. And your iPad. And your Kindle. And every other gadget that’s keeping you from getting bored. According to Scott Adams, America’s problem isn’t the economy: it’s that we don’t get bored, […]

Big Brother: not just the government, anymore.

As sure “as the day follows night,” Apple has been sued for its iPhone location tracking. Whether the suit survives a summary judgment motion is another question.