January 20, 2018

Do Utahns want the state to support Medicaid expansion?

Do Utahns want the state to support Medicaid expansion? Medicaid expansion is a big deal, even if it’s not half as riveting as same-sex marriage or the FIFA World Cup.  It speaks to the question of how we as a state care for our poor when they get sick.  A poll published by Brigham Young University’s Center […]

Religious Freedom Prevails Over Obamacare in the D.C. Circuit Court [Contributor]

In Gilardi v. Department of Health and Human Services, handed down  on November 1, 2013, the D.C. Circuit of Appeals examined whether the contraceptive mandate imposed by the Affordable Care Act violates the right of free exercise protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In its ruling, the D.C. Circuit invalidates the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate […]

Can Senator Mike Lee redefine the conservative movement?

With criticism coming at him fast and furious for his role in the federal government shutdown, Utah Senator Mike Lee is plowing ahead to define himself on his own terms. As the talking heads and media outlets nationwide were predicting his demise in 2016, Lee took to the podium at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday […]

Have you been able to sign up for Obamacare?

Have you been able to sign up for healthcare through the federal government’s site? Reports are widespread that few people have, and those who are trying are finding the site has serious technical problems. If you have, or have not, been able to get your healthcare through the federal website, I’d like to hear your […]

The Man Behind the Curtain and the Suspension of the Law

It’s one thing to delay the implementation of a massive, complex and far reaching government program because it is, well, massive, complex, and far reaching. It’s quite another to act like it’s completely normal and anyone who says otherwise is up in the night. But that’s exactly what the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney […]

TANSTAAFL: Obamacare turns three and the costs continue to tally [Infographic]

This week in TANSTAAFL news: it’s  Obamacare‘s third anniversary, and, as then Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously said, we had to pass it to find out what’s in it. We’re still trying to find out what’s in it. Today, for your pleasure, a small infographic on the costs that have come with the ironically named Affordable Care […]

Is the union stronger? [Contributor]

President Obama’s State of the Union address was in trouble hardly after it began when he said that “we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger.” Economically, that’s hardly believable, with a $16.5 trillion national debt and annual budget deficit topping $1 trillion for the fourth consecutive year. Neither […]