February 25, 2018

Would Mitt Romney be a Better President than Hillary?

If you’re Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, or any number of other undeclared Republican hopefuls for the 2016 Republican Nomination for President, Mitt Romney has got to be driving you crazy. Not only does he have better hair than you–and he does–he’s also a virtual press magnet. Any time he opens his mouth and […]

7 Signs that Mitt Romney is Definitely Not, Maybe, Possibly Considering A Run for President

Mitt Romney is definitely not…well, probably not–er, possibly? running for President. Just ask Romney confident and almost son, Spencer Zwick, who commented on a Draft Mitt organization that was slated to launch August 1: This organization has absolutely no bearing on Mitt Romney running for president. He says he’s not running for president and nothing […]

Spending, not guns, on our minds

A funny thing happened to President Obama on his way to increasing federal regulation of firearms. Members of Congress noticed that gun control wasn’t a top priority for their constituents and handed the President his first major legislative loss. Instead, Americans are still more concerned about the economy and the state of our fiscal house. […]

April Fools or About Face?

  Today is April first, commonly called April Fools day, so like my good friend Shannon warns, “Trust no one.” Given the inclination of the press to play along, occasionally throwing out outlandish headlines that couldn’t possibly be true, there still comes this, that sounds like it should be a joke, but really, is more likely just […]

Obama’s surreal fiscal cliff speech

After a refreshing vacation to Hawaii for Christmas, President Obama took the stage this afternoon (EST) to make a speech on the impending fiscal cliff. Driving home during lunch, I listened to KSL’s Doug Wright describe the scene, and I arrived home just in time to watch the President speak.

Wright was describing the scene while waiting for the President to take the stage, and since Obama was late, he tried guessing where they were at. He could see a podium, but he after listing through the typical rooms where Obama addresses the nation from the White House, he concluded that he didn’t know where they were.

The fiscal cliff of 2013 is the debt ceiling of 2011

If it feels like we’ve been here before, it’s because we have.

While President Obama and Speaker Boehner negotiate plans to avert the fiscal cliff next year, the scene has begun to look not unlike one we’ve seen before.

Could Rand Paul bridge the gap between libertarians and Republicans?

Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul and Senator from Kentucky, is considering a run for President in 2016.

I know:–Mitt Romney’s campaign is barely dead and in the ground and already we’re hearing the rumblings of 2016’s challengers. Marco Rubio made headlines at a fundraiser in Iowa by commenting on the age of the Earth (HUH?) and now we hear that Ron Paul’s scion is openly interested in running, too.

For the kind of change needed in the Republican Party, it may not be too soon to start thinking about it.