January 21, 2018

How Much Debt Does Utah Have?

How much debt does Utah actually have? And how will that debt affect Utah’s ability to fund important priorities in coming years?  Utah’s historical measure of its general obligation debt is higher than average for states with a AAA debt rating, but other liabilities might raise it higher still.  Only prudent policy will allow Utah to plan […]

Is College Worth It?

Is college worth it? A new study seems to indicate that college graduation, even with the growing cost of tuition, still returns income far above that of high school educated workers. Further, it isn’t the 1% that is the biggest cause of inequality in America–it’s college. I hate my student loans. I hate them with the heat […]

The Message I Brought to Washington [Contributor]

Politicians in Washington often like to talk about their “children and grandchildren” more than they listen to them. If not, our country would not be in $17 trillion of debt and sinking deeper. That is why I recently represented Utah at Capitol Hill, as part of the millennial-led “The Can Kicks Back” campaign, to meet […]

From the WSJ: “The Magnitude of the Mess We’re In.”

Suppose you were offered the job of Treasury secretary a few months from now. Would you accept?

The Debt is Too Darn High

Apparently, that thing about ostriches sticking their head in the sand is no joke. Nor is it without parallel in the human world. The other day I cited a study by a several prominent economists. Their research argued, quite persuasively, that excessive debt tends to inhibit economic growth. They looked a thirty year period,  included the debt levels of […]

This isn’t the hope you were looking for…

Debt, debt, debt… It seems debt is all the rage in Washington these days, and with good reason. The federal government only stays open on debt, and unless Congress and the President can agree soon, we’ll hit that limit and…well, who knows what will happen next. Originally, negotiators were looking at a deal to cut deficits […]