November 22, 2017

Who’s really got a “woman” problem?

It’s Orwellian, really. In it’s effort to force top down social engineering, Obama’s White House and campaign are talking about helping women, but paying them less than men and attacking the ones who opt to raise their children at home.

That’s going to create a credibility problem for Barack Obama. [cont…]

McNaughton’s “One Nation Under Socialism” Harms Political Discourse

I’m embarrassed that the likes of Jon McNaughton are helping raise Utah’s profile nationally. Depicting Barack Obama in terms that are just short of demonic, McNaughton is harming more than hurting. Perhaps the purpose of art is to shock and persuade, but subtlety is lost on McNaughton as he uses art like a 2×4 to hit his viewers over the head with his opinions. Playing on fears and anxieties that are real, McNaughton distracts from the important educational process that is necessary to create an informed public . [cont…]

Manufacturing Bad Ideas

Presidential elections invariably turn out half-thought economic proposals. One current hot policy ticket is lavish tax advantages for manufacturers, presumably in hope of priming employment growth (and votes). President Obama, for example, proposes to reward manufacturing companies with a mix of tax credits and subsidized loans (i.e., politically directed credit). On the other side, Rick Santorum would absolve manufacturers from federal income tax altogether (i.e., politically directed credit, but through the US Treasury’s back door). Mitt Romney vows that “getting tough” on China will bring more work back to the shop floor (i.e., diplomatic bluster punctuated by a few WTO arbitrations). Slick stuff. But none of the contenders bother to articulate why singling out manufacturing for special treatment makes economic sense, especially for the rest of us. [cont…]

Predictions for Tonight?

What’s your prediction for your caucus meeting tonight? Are you running for county or state delegate? Caucus leadership?

Do you expect a high turnout? Will high turnout benefit candidates? Will naysayers change their minds about the caucus system if turnout is high?

Do you think that Senator Hatch or his challengers will be able to stack the caucus?

Do you think it’ll be like 2010? or something entirely different?

What do you think will happen?

Will Utah Matter in the GOP Race for President?

According to a Deseret News/KSL poll Utahns believe Mitt Romney alone can beat Barack Obama in November (surprise!). And yet, today, on Super Tuesday, as ten states hold primaries, Utah is not one of them. In fact, Utah casts its vote for the Republican nominee dead last. Even with a nomination battle likely to continue into the spring, the Republican nomination may be over before by then.


Remember when there were eight candidates in the field? [cont…]

Freedom Path’s “Outsourcing” Attack on Liljenquist Distorts Business Record

The latest mailer from Freedom Path falsifies Dan Liljenquist’s business record. The shadowy group, organized legally as a political action committee, is running fast and loose with terms and smears Liljenquist with shoddy research, obscure sources, and false information. Frankly, it’s just dishonest. [cont…]

Are we there yet? GOP Candidates Face-off for the Twentieth Time

With fingers crossed that this would be their last debate together, the final four Republican contenders for President faced off in Arizona on Wednesday night. The stakes were high—for some more than others. Without Governor Mitt Romney’s money, Senator Rick Santorum and Speaker Newt Gingrich knew that this might be their best chance to pick up undecided votes in the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries. For Romney, it was a chance to retake the lead in the race for President. Lest we forget, Ron Paul came along, too, but, despite a strong performance, is increasingly playing the role of side-kick to front-runner Romney.

So how did they do? [cont…]