January 21, 2018

Senator Lee: “America’s crisis of crony capitalism”

In a speech  on Wednesday (find the full speech below at bottom), Utah Senator Mike Lee took on what he sees as a major problem causing a loss of opportunity for the poor and middle classes–the rise and expansion of cronyism in the growth of government to benefit well-connected special interests and businesses. The more power […]

Senator Lee Proposes Interesting Ideas, But He Needs to Find Common Ground

Senator Mike Lee‘s proposed legislation aimed at redefining the conservative movement is full of good ideas. However, as long as the legislation requires repeal of Obamacare–and until Congress is held by veto-proof majorities of Republicans–the bills could be dead on arrival. Lee needs a path that both finds common ground with opponents and moves his […]

Jones’ proposed tax increase hurts families with children

Senator Pat Jones proposal to raise taxes on families with children to send more money to Utah teachers sounds like a way to boost education dollars. In reality, Jones’ $400 million proposal takes from those who need it most: Parents with children. If passed, the bill would create jobs in education and allow schools to […]

Sequester: a trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland [Contributor]

Rhett Wilkinson is a senior at Utah State University. He is studying journalism and political science. The opinions expressed are his own.   The feds ought to follow the lead of a certain rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, who famously said “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” The first problem with this […]

Are you overtaxed? Do you know how much you pay?

Do Americans “dramatically underestimate” taxes? Not only do more than half of Americans believe they are overtaxed, it turns out that many of us don’t even realize that our employer pays more taxes on top of our payroll deductions. In other words, many Americans don’t realize that your employer is paying an extra price for every worker, money that might otherwise be spent wages, R&D, employee benefits, or investment. I’m just sayin’…

Should the rich pay more taxes (than they already do)?

If where the “fair share” line is up to private opinion, what does it say about President Obama’s opinion that, when the economy is struggling and unemployment is high, he wants to take wealth out of our country to balance the debt? Wouldn’t it be better to grow the economy and lower the cost of government? Why would we soak the rich–most of them owners of businesses and investors in businesses–at the very time capital is most needed to grow business and expand? [cont…]