January 22, 2018

To My Readers, All Five of Them

Apparently, I have five confirmed readers… …including two in-laws, my wife (if I “reminder” her), one excellent attorney, and a local radio talk show host. It does not include the snarky folks who read only the headline on Facebook, fire out a response thereto and thereon, but never make it to the blog and the […]

Entitlement Reform: Start with Social Security

It is almost cliché for my generation to joke that  Social Security will be gone before we retire.  It may be a stretch, but it really is no joking matter. Social Security is in a bad way, and it is getting worse. The number of Social Security recipients is  growing faster than the number of people paying […]

The Chocolate: How do I love thee?

The Chocolate: how many ways do I love thee? Let me count them… Everyone once in a while, a place comes along that just blows away my expectations. The Chocolate is one such place.

Will he? Should he?

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Practice Tip #12: Dress the Part; Dress like Bond

I’d rather wear my pajamas to work. Who wouldn’t? It would be more comfortable than the cravat I tie around my neck each day, and I could throw on a hoodie, too,  if it was chilly. Pajamas would be more comfortable. If only. Since we live in the real world, though, I wear what my […]

Proportional Representation: a boost to representation and turnout or a shift of power?

“Now if you think that proportional representation is boring, you are a very silly person because it’s about how we can run the country better.” John Cleese, Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Big Brother: not just the government, anymore.

As sure “as the day follows night,” Apple has been sued for its iPhone location tracking. Whether the suit survives a summary judgment motion is another question.