February 22, 2018

Fear on the rise in our literature

Could we be using fewer words associated with happiness and joy and more associated with fear in recent decades? With Google digitization of hundreds of years of literature, British anthropologists are mapping the rise and fall of “emotion” words through history, says an NPR story. This effort began simply with lists of “emotion” words: 146 […]

Could Facebook become a target for acquisition by Google?

Could Google buy Facebook someday?

Why wouldn’t Google go after Facebook? After a lackluster IPO, at least one analyst is already predicting the demise of Facebook. Why not wait until Facebook has bottomed out and then pick it up for a song?

After watching Facebook’s market cap over the last week (and Google’s in comparison since they went public), I can’t help but wonder if Facebook’s business model is ultimately unsustainable. [cont…]

Is there an online duty of responsibility (to act like an adult)?

We tweet. We update our Facebook status. We respond to someone else’s Facebook status. We write a blog post. We respond again. And sometimes, we have an “Exclusive!” But do we think first? Do we ask: should I? Would I want someone to say this about me?

Big Brother: not just the government, anymore.

As sure “as the day follows night,” Apple has been sued for its iPhone location tracking. Whether the suit survives a summary judgment motion is another question.

Own an Android? An iPhone? Google & Apple may be tracking you.

In fact, no maybe about it. They are. It’s scary to think, but there it is, in the Wall Street Journal: Google and Apple are gathering location information as part of their race to build massive databases capable of pinpointing people’s locations via their cellphones. These databases could help them tap the $2.9 billion market […]

Law Practice Tip #9: Start Your Research From 20,000 Feet

I admit it: I like Google. It makes life easier. Occasionally, when I am given an issue to research by one of the partners, I’m inclined to just punch it into Google, if just to see what comes up, hoping that maybe I’ll get lucky and find the answer right away. Sometimes it works; usually, […]

When Jury met Google…

Image via CrunchBase GOOGLE + JURIES = PROBLEMS? Under the constitution, an “impartial jury” is guaranteed in criminal trials. However, with the advent of the internet, Google, and online social media, impartiality is becoming more questionable, and jurors are taking over their role as fact finders out of the court room and directly to online […]