January 21, 2018

Want your driver’s license? Register to vote, first.

In a year when Utah elected the first black, Republican woman (a Mormon to boot) to Congress , the Beehive State still only managed to turn out an estimated 40% of registered voters to the polls. That’s about 27% of the total population of the state weighing in on who should represent Utah to the US Congress, […]

Would Mitt Romney be a Better President than Hillary?

If you’re Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, or any number of other undeclared Republican hopefuls for the 2016 Republican Nomination for President, Mitt Romney has got to be driving you crazy. Not only does he have better hair than you–and he does–he’s also a virtual press magnet. Any time he opens his mouth and […]

State of the Union Problems: Federal Control and Deceit [Contributor]

Mitt Romney emphasized that he will not run for president again. Too bad he even needed to make that decision, since he’s not America’s president now. That was confirmed when Pres. Barack Obama offered this year’s State of the Union Address. America’s problems its president mentioned – he was right. Correct that all are issues. […]

The Non-Existent Live Democratic Response to Governor Herbert’s State of the State Speech

Last night, Utah Governor Gary Herbert gave his State of the State speech. With the speech carried live by KSL News Radio, I listened in over dinner with the family (yes, that’s a good thing). As it ended and the applause subsided, we stayed tuned, waiting to hear the Utah Democrats’ response. After all, hadn’t […]

Members of Congress shouldn’t get a pass from Obamacare

The following is an op-ed I wrote for KSL’s Statecraft page, posted on August 2, 2013. Over the last few months, members of Congress and their staffs have been worried about losing their health care subsidies and being forced to participate in the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges, as the rest of us will be […]

The Man Behind the Curtain and the Suspension of the Law

It’s one thing to delay the implementation of a massive, complex and far reaching government program because it is, well, massive, complex, and far reaching. It’s quite another to act like it’s completely normal and anyone who says otherwise is up in the night. But that’s exactly what the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney […]

Spending, not guns, on our minds

A funny thing happened to President Obama on his way to increasing federal regulation of firearms. Members of Congress noticed that gun control wasn’t a top priority for their constituents and handed the President his first major legislative loss. Instead, Americans are still more concerned about the economy and the state of our fiscal house. […]