January 23, 2018

Utah Bar Admits to Actively Investigating John Swallow Since Early 2013

There’s another investigation looking into former Utah Attorney General John Swallow. And, apparently, that investigation, by the Utah Bar, has been ongoing since early last year. Within moments of the publication of the hefty, eight volume report on John Swallow by the House Special Investigation Committee, the Utah Bar announced that it has had an […]

Egg on its face: the Utah Bar and the Swallow Complaints

Has the Utah Bar failed in its duty to the public to self-regulate? That’s a question a pair of lawyers have asked in the wake of the John Swallow scandal, still unfolding as prosecutors in Davis and Salt Lake Counties continue their investigation into John Swallow, Mark Shurtleff, and their associates. Wrote Russell Fericks and David Irvine […]

To Swallow: Return Donations that Cause Conflicts of Interest

Give the money back, John.  On Saturday, the Salt Lake Tribune published an analysis of Utah Attorney General John Swallow’s campaign donations, up to $105,000 worth of donations. The Trib analysis showed that a large portion of the donations to his campaign came from individuals and companies that were then, had been in the past, […]

Courage shown in speaking up against John Swallow [KSL]

The following is an op-ed piece that I wrote for KSL as posted this afternoon.   SALT LAKE CITY — I’m sure there was a moment when Traci Gundersen wondered if making a bar complaint against Utah Attorney General John Swallow was a wise step for her career. As far as I can tell, she’s […]

Appointing versus Electing the Attorney General

To avoid the influence of cash on Utah’s chief law enforcement office, Senator Todd Weiler wants the legislature to look into amending the Utah  constitution to allow for an appointed attorney general. With Utah’s long history of flawed AGs, perhaps it’s an idea we should take seriously.   During the Utah Legislative Session, ended last […]

In which lawyers become strippers…and news becomes tabloid trash.

In the category of weird legal news, we have this: “Lawyer turned stripper to pay the bills.” (No, we don’t have pictures to prove it, and by “it” I mean that she is a stripper, or a lawyer, either, for that matter…and just like that, 99% of the readers who found this blog while Googling […]

Which is worse on the economy?

Feel free to elaborate on your choice, and why it is a loaded question, in the comments. In the meantime, chew on this: