January 23, 2018

Restaurant Review | Korea House

I’ll be honest: just thinking about my experience at Korea House, a local Korean cuisine eatery, is making me salivate. Faintly, I can feel the spicy barbecue that I had for lunch, and it’s making me hungry. Alas, at the late hour that I’m drafting this, and with the snow falling outside, it is unlikely that […]

Restaurant Review: Cafe Madrid

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put up one of these, and I really have no excuse. I’ve not stopped eating around at great restaurants…I’ve just been slack in telling you about them. That ends today. And for one good reason: I had a meal so incredibly AWESOME that to not say something […]

WRR: The Red Iguana 2

Reviewing the Red Iguana is a bit like shooting fish in a bucket…with a shotgun. It’s hard not to get a great meal, and it’s even harder not to write great stuff about it.

WRR: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Everyone needs a little barbecue in their life. With football season upon us, you might need a little more.

Stop by Dickey’s to get a quick fix that is a step above. I’ve reviewed barbecue in here before (Pat’s here and Firehouse here), but Dickey’s takes restaurant served barbecue to a new high, and I’ll tell you why.

WRR: Beerhive Pub

I ate lunch at Beerhive Pub today, and I can’t say much about the beer there, so don’t ask.

I had a sandwich called “the Beerhive” and was piled high with so many cold cut meats[…]

WRR: Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine

I don’t always eat Ethiopian, but when I do, I eat at Blue Nile.

Ok, so let’s get down to business. Sitting just across the street from a fantastic taco stand next to the old Sears on State Street, the Blue Nile Ethiopian is a quiet little restaurant that I might otherwise have never found, but for the suggestion of a friend, criminal defense attorney and food blogger Marco Brown.

The Blue Nile is not your typical restaurant. [cont…]

WRR: Café Seoul | Korean with a personal touch.

To be sure, I’ve not had a lot of Korean in my day. I was surprisingly pleased, though, with what Café Seoul offered. At John’s suggestion I ordered dahk galbi, Sooni’s specialty.