January 22, 2018

Utah AG Reyes Talks About El Cid, the Great Puhi, Bushido Warriors and Speaking Truth to Power in His Second Inauguration

Attorney General Sean Reyes began his second year in office and his first since facing voters in November. His inauguration speech set a tone of inclusiveness  and cross-cultural depth, as well as a willingness to fight even tough battles when the cause is just. It’s hard to make politics interesting to the average American. Let’s be honest: the […]

Senator Lee: “America’s crisis of crony capitalism”

In a speech  on Wednesday (find the full speech below at bottom), Utah Senator Mike Lee took on what he sees as a major problem causing a loss of opportunity for the poor and middle classes–the rise and expansion of cronyism in the growth of government to benefit well-connected special interests and businesses. The more power […]

Senator Lee on the path between pragmatism and principle

This coming week Senator Mike Lee will meet with Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox and County Commissioners from rural Utah.  Senator Mike Lee has in the years since 2010 grown from candidate to politician, but has he learned to walk the line between principle and pragmatism?   During the National Republican Convention in 2012, I […]

Campaign Fundraising: Free Speech or Extortion?

Utah has learned a lot about the state of campaign fundraising in recent months. We have John Swallow and Jason Powers to thank for that. With perhaps more creativity than we would like to give them credit for, Swallow and Powers found ways to duck, dodge, and hide from just about every Utah law designed […]

Dan Liljenquist is Right

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about Dan Liljenquist’s op-ed in the Deseret News along the lines of “how dare Dan do this, Mike Lee is a patriot!” or “Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul are right.” What gets lost in all of this talk is one simple little truth: Dan […]

Just Another Government Shutdown Rant

Everyone else is sounding off on the government shutdown today, so I might as well chime in before real information becomes available and all the bloviating and pontificating and ranting and raving becomes just so much dross and drivel and we find out what the effect of the shutdown really is. <rant> First off, I […]

John Dougall cleans house in the Utah Auditor’s office

John Dougall, who was elected Utah State Auditor in November, has asked for the resignations of all appointed staff in the Auditor’s office. The resignations are to be effective January 6, 2013.

Dougall told me that he had spent the past 2 weeks interviewing almost everyone in the office, as well as a group of auditors assisting with an outside assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the offices audit methodologies. Of the appointed staffers, 88% requested consideration for reappointment and 76% of those were immediately offered appointments.