February 22, 2018

Dan Liljenquist is Right

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about Dan Liljenquist’s op-ed in the Deseret News along the lines of “how dare Dan do this, Mike Lee is a patriot!” or “Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul are right.” What gets lost in all of this talk is one simple little truth: Dan […]

Just Another Government Shutdown Rant

Everyone else is sounding off on the government shutdown today, so I might as well chime in before real information becomes available and all the bloviating and pontificating and ranting and raving becomes just so much dross and drivel and we find out what the effect of the shutdown really is. <rant> First off, I […]

To filibuster or not to filibuster…

When is a filibuster an effective tool to raise public awareness? And when is it the anti-democratic tool of the minority to stop legislation it opposes? A couple weeks ago, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky took to the Senate floor to speak against the nomination of John Brennan as head of the CIA because Paul opposed the […]

An exclusive with Senator Marco Rubio

Of all the adventures we’ve had here in Tampa, this morning’s opportunity to ask two questions of Senator Marco Rubio–exclusive among Utah’s press–will be a highlight. [cont…]

Freedom Path’s “Outsourcing” Attack on Liljenquist Distorts Business Record

The latest mailer from Freedom Path falsifies Dan Liljenquist’s business record. The shadowy group, organized legally as a political action committee, is running fast and loose with terms and smears Liljenquist with shoddy research, obscure sources, and false information. Frankly, it’s just dishonest. [cont…]

In case you didn’t know…now you do: How laws are made.

Utah Legislature Watch: a few bills I’m following

Conservative, moderate or liberal: there have been a few bills that bug me this session of the Utah Legislature, and there have been a few that I liked that just aren’t making it. Here are four that sample both. One I liked: As biker, I liked Senator Niederhauser’s bill that would have allowed bikers at […]