February 25, 2018

Spending, not guns, on our minds

A funny thing happened to President Obama on his way to increasing federal regulation of firearms. Members of Congress noticed that gun control wasn’t a top priority for their constituents and handed the President his first major legislative loss. Instead, Americans are still more concerned about the economy and the state of our fiscal house. […]

Gun laws won’t stop violence, but do infringe the 2nd Amendment [KSL]

On Wednesday, Governor Cuomo of New York called for passage of the toughest gun laws in the country. But do more gun laws result in less violence?

Is it about the guns? [KSL]

Before we jump to conclusions, pass laws with long-reaching consequences, let’s take time to take a closer look at those who are behind the guns. They are, in many respects, those who need our help the most, and by the time they have taken up deadly weapons, we have as a society missed their need for help. Restricting gun ownership is an easy, if misguided answer. Addressing how we help the mentally ill and those on society’s fringes will require more of us, but ultimately will save more lives.