January 22, 2018

Senator Lee: “America’s crisis of crony capitalism”

In a speech  on Wednesday (find the full speech below at bottom), Utah Senator Mike Lee took on what he sees as a major problem causing a loss of opportunity for the poor and middle classes–the rise and expansion of cronyism in the growth of government to benefit well-connected special interests and businesses. The more power […]

Senator Lee Proposes Interesting Ideas, But He Needs to Find Common Ground

Senator Mike Lee‘s proposed legislation aimed at redefining the conservative movement is full of good ideas. However, as long as the legislation requires repeal of Obamacare–and until Congress is held by veto-proof majorities of Republicans–the bills could be dead on arrival. Lee needs a path that both finds common ground with opponents and moves his […]

Can Senator Mike Lee redefine the conservative movement?

With criticism coming at him fast and furious for his role in the federal government shutdown, Utah Senator Mike Lee is plowing ahead to define himself on his own terms. As the talking heads and media outlets nationwide were predicting his demise in 2016, Lee took to the podium at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday […]

Atlas Shrugged coming to a theater near you. Not a minute too soon.

More than fifty years after Ayn Rand argued that government could tear an economy apart by trying to “do good,” her hallmark novel Atlas Shrugged is coming to at theater near you. Some think it’s not a minute too soon. “Being conversant in Ayn Rand’s classic novel about the economic carnage caused by big government […]