January 22, 2018

Money and Politics: Like Water Flowing

Money and Politics: recently, Salt Lake Tribune columnist George Pyle wrote that the onus is on voters to choose the leaders of our republic.  Is it the voter’s responsibility to shift through the lies? Or is there a role for government in regulating speech and money in politics? “Get money out of politics.” “Heightened transparency.” “Campaign finance […]

Utah Bar Admits to Actively Investigating John Swallow Since Early 2013

There’s another investigation looking into former Utah Attorney General John Swallow. And, apparently, that investigation, by the Utah Bar, has been ongoing since early last year. Within moments of the publication of the hefty, eight volume report on John Swallow by the House Special Investigation Committee, the Utah Bar announced that it has had an […]

Egg on its face: the Utah Bar and the Swallow Complaints

Has the Utah Bar failed in its duty to the public to self-regulate? That’s a question a pair of lawyers have asked in the wake of the John Swallow scandal, still unfolding as prosecutors in Davis and Salt Lake Counties continue their investigation into John Swallow, Mark Shurtleff, and their associates. Wrote Russell Fericks and David Irvine […]

Campaign Fundraising: Free Speech or Extortion?

Utah has learned a lot about the state of campaign fundraising in recent months. We have John Swallow and Jason Powers to thank for that. With perhaps more creativity than we would like to give them credit for, Swallow and Powers found ways to duck, dodge, and hide from just about every Utah law designed […]

The Swallow Deposition: If a picture is worth a thousand words

It appears that John Swallow’s deposition by the Utah House Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Special Investigator is now available. Whether you believe Swallow’s story that the  House investigation is a witch hunt, think Swallow is guilty as sin, or are a dispassionate observer, the videos below make for fascinating watching. Here are some excerpts from the deposition […]

When integrity matters: Greg Bell to lead USTAR

It’s interesting where a reputation for integrity, or the lack thereof, will take you. On one hand, we have watched the rise and fall of  John Swallow, for a short time Utah’s Attorney General. On the other, we have seen the sacrifice and continued prosperity of Greg Bell, until recently Lieutenant Governor of Utah.  Last […]

Candidates for Utah Attorney General: Bob Smith

A candidate for Utah Attorney General, Bob Smith is seeking appointment by Governor Gary Herbert to replace former Utah Attorney General John Swallow, who resigned December 3. This is the eighth in a series of brief profiles on those who  have filed to run for one of three Republican nominations to Governor Gary Herbert’s for appointment the spot. As information on each individual […]