January 22, 2018

Utah AG Reyes Talks About El Cid, the Great Puhi, Bushido Warriors and Speaking Truth to Power in His Second Inauguration

Attorney General Sean Reyes began his second year in office and his first since facing voters in November. His inauguration speech set a tone of inclusiveness  and cross-cultural depth, as well as a willingness to fight even tough battles when the cause is just. It’s hard to make politics interesting to the average American. Let’s be honest: the […]

Egg on its face: the Utah Bar and the Swallow Complaints

Has the Utah Bar failed in its duty to the public to self-regulate? That’s a question a pair of lawyers have asked in the wake of the John Swallow scandal, still unfolding as prosecutors in Davis and Salt Lake Counties continue their investigation into John Swallow, Mark Shurtleff, and their associates. Wrote Russell Fericks and David Irvine […]

The Swallow Deposition: If a picture is worth a thousand words

It appears that John Swallow’s deposition by the Utah House Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Special Investigator is now available. Whether you believe Swallow’s story that the  House investigation is a witch hunt, think Swallow is guilty as sin, or are a dispassionate observer, the videos below make for fascinating watching. Here are some excerpts from the deposition […]

Utah AG Reyes Follows a Measured and Professional Stance on Marriage Licences

Belying the false narrative that Governor Gary R. Herbert is invalidating marriages, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes has advised county clerks to issue all marriage certificates applied for prior to the stay (full statement at the bottom). This reiterates what I said earlier this week: the Governor’s directive to state agencies is not to invalidate marriages, […]

[UPDATED] Background on All Candidates for Utah Attorney General

[Updated 11:00 AM 12-13-2013] Posted “Picking the Best Candidate for Utah Attorney General,” an endorsement of Sean Reyes. Also, added Lieutenant Governor’s letter regarding residency requirements (see below). [Updated 2:20 PM 12-11-2013] Posted Reyes, Smith, Mumford, and Wilkins responses to American Lands Council 2013 Questionnaire Attorney General Candidates Transfer of Public Lands (see below) [Updated 12:00 […]

[Updated] Candidates for Utah Attorney General: Sean Reyes

[Updated 2:30 PM 12-11-2013]: Added American Lands Council 2013 Questionnaire Attorney General Candidates Transfer of Public Lands Responses by Sean Reyes (embedded below).  [Updated 9:45 AM 12-9-2013]: Reyes forwarded me his priorities for the Utah Attorney General’s office. I’ve included them below after his convention speech and you can find them here, also (see below). Sean Reyes is a […]

[Updated] Candidates for Utah Attorney General: Michael Wilkins

[Updated 2:30 PM 12-11-2013]: Added American Lands Council 2013 Questionnaire Attorney General Candidates Transfer of Public Lands Responses by Michael Wilkins (embedded below). Michael Wilkins is a candidate for appointment by Governor Gary Herbert to replace Utah Attorney General John Swallow, who resigned December 3. This is the fourth of a series of brief profiles on those who are known to be […]