January 20, 2018

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The EPA Rule on Ozone Levels and the Intermountain West

The EPA Rule on Ozone Levels Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency (the “EPA”) published an administrative rule that requires states to lower atmospheric ozone levels to 60-70 parts per billion. For states in the Intermountain West, where the level of naturally occurring ozone (or “background concentrations”) routinely reaches 60 – 75 ppb, it’s going to be tough to […]

Senator Hatch’s anti-tax hike sequester proposal [updated]

[Update] Since original publication, Senator Hatch’s Press Secretary was kind enough to both read and comment that the Senator’s proposal is only intended to be a short term fix and that the Senator has proposed more long term solutions to Medicare and Medicaid. The proposal dates back to the end of January and can be found […]

Packing hygiene kits with the Utah Delegation

With tropical storm/hurricane Isaac crossing the Gulf of Mexico, the schedule for the Republican National Convention was abbreviated today, but that doesn’t mean Utah’s delegates weren’t busy. This morning, after a breakfast honoring Senator Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican Party organized a humanitarian service project for delegates packing hygiene kits for use in any areas affected by the Isaac storm system.

If gray hairs say anything about Hatch’s support…

…then tonight might have been his, at least in my precinct. At triple the turn out from two years ago, our caucus was hot, full, and gray. Gray haired, that is. Of the thirty-seven people who showed, over twenty were well into their Social Security years. [cont…]

Predictions for Tonight?

What’s your prediction for your caucus meeting tonight? Are you running for county or state delegate? Caucus leadership?

Do you expect a high turnout? Will high turnout benefit candidates? Will naysayers change their minds about the caucus system if turnout is high?

Do you think that Senator Hatch or his challengers will be able to stack the caucus?

Do you think it’ll be like 2010? or something entirely different?

What do you think will happen?

Are Candidates Subverting Caucus Night?

If you’ve ever been a state delegate, or might again be a state delegate, you’ve been flooded in recent days by a veritable forest worth of glossy mailers.

It must be getting close to Utah’s caucus night. From the number of mailers arriving each day, you would think that the election was next week, instead of in the latter half of April. In fact, it’s only the selection of delegates that is this week, and there are those out here that question whether trying to stack the caucuses so much is really very good for our system.
Enter pundit Ethan Millard. [cont…]

Utah’s March 15 Caucus: To go, or not to go…

Today, with the Utah caucus finally within site (it’s on Thursday at 7 PM if you’re Republican, Tuesday if you’re a Democrat…find out where to attend here), many are still questioning whether we should even have a caucus.

Why not just hold a primary? Why do we have to sit in a room with our neighbors and elect someone else to be our delegate? It would be easier to just hold a primary. [cont…]