February 25, 2018

An exclusive with Senator Marco Rubio

Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Lee meet with the press on Thursday morning.

Of all the adventures we’ve had here in Tampa, this morning’s opportunity to ask two questions of Senator Marco Rubio–exclusive among Utah’s press–will be a highlight.

Unlike yesterday when a miscommunication in the Utah GOP resulted in closing an intimate Chris Christie event to the press, today we had an exclusive opportunity to ask high-profile Senator and conservative favorite Marco Rubio two questions after his meeting with the Utah delegation. (We spoke to the RNC folks tasked with helping the surrogates and they expressed surprise we were kept out of the Christie event. The event was designed to promote Romney and they had expected it to be open. Rumors swirled that it was due to various parties, but the reason remains unclear)

After speaking to the Utah delegation, winning them with stories about corralling his children by “zone defense,” the Utah delegation quickly stepped through a photo line. As soon as the last left the room, the doors closed, and we we’re given the nod to ask away.

I started with a softball. Click on the link to listen:  Exclusive with Marco Rubio.


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