February 25, 2018

Is this a new Mitt Romney? [video]

Today, Politico reported that a shift in the Romney camp is leading to a “let Mitt be Mitt” shift in the Romney campaign. Then, we saw this (click here if you can’t see the video):   What do you think? Is this “new” Mitt Romney (which is actually the “old” Mitt Romney) the Mitt Romney we’ve […]

Romney owns the first debate

If President Obama showed up to the debate last night expecting a gaff prone Mitt Romney, he was quickly disabused of that sentiment. Unlike his debate coach, John Kerry, Romney was energetic, in control of the facts, and ready to command the stage. In other words, he was Presidential. Commanding, pleasant, persistent, and focused, Romney […]

How reality shapes words more than words shape reality [TED]

“Most politicians choose their words carefully, to shape the reality they hope to create. But does it work? Etymologist Mark Forsyth shares a few entertaining word-origin stories from British and American history (for instance, did you ever wonder how George Washington became “president”?) and draws a surprising conclusion.” (From TEDxHousesofParliament in London)

Presidents ranked by job creation [infographic] [via Political Math]

Hat tip to Matthias Shapiro, a friend and local policy wonk who’s got a penchant for making numbers make sense.
First, his infographic:

First Iowa, and now the worst ratings ever.

Last week, Republicans decided to “give Iowa a try.” Then T-paw, first man into the race for President, became the first man out of the race (unless you count this dufus). Then, with a nary a whimper (and a jet black bus), the President kicked off what Mitt Romney called the “Magical Misery Tour,” a bus […]

In case you didn’t know…now you do: How laws are made.

In which I express mock surprise at how well it pays to work for the President of the United States

Gawker tells the story: The White House says that many of those positions are considered nonpolitical jobs that come with their own pay schedules, and that what matters is that the total budget and average salary are decreasing slightly. But that doesn’t change the fact that White House staffers who stick it out are being […]