February 22, 2018

USOE Negotiated $5.4M SAGE Contract with Florida without Board Knowledge or Legal Counsel Review

In recent weeks, the Utah Board of Education also faced a strange situation when Judy Park, an assistant superintendent,  negotiated a contract estimated to be worth $5.4 million with Florida to share SAGE questions.  The State Office of Education did not give  full disclosure to the Board until after the fact, admitted that it lacked expertise in negotiating […]

Four down…forty-six more to go.

Newt lost Florida, and he lost big. He dissed Romney by not calling to concede. Guess what? There are still forty-six states left in the Republican nomination battle. We’re going to see a lot more of him and his antics.

Further, if you’re voting where I am, you’re voting last. Dead last.

But enough about Utah’s primary in the last third of June. I’ve already expended enough hot air on that else where. While there are some really interesting ideas for changing up the Primary process, we’ll deal with those on a later date.

Right now, we’ve got a primary battle, and it’s going to be long. Contrary to victory speeches and common sense, this race is going to continue for a while. Don’t believe me? [cont…]

Newt Gingrich and the Art of Not Answering Questions

Mr. Dough Boy was not in full form last night. Not, unless that is, you realized just how doughy and soft his brand of conservative is. Rather, he spent the night looking sour and dour.

And who is Mr. Dough Boy? None other than the only Speaker of the US House of Representatives to ever resign in disgrace, Newt Gingrich.

Let’s stop for a minute, though. We’ll come back to the debate in a minute. Why are we calling him “Doughboy?” I mean, other than that he brought in $25,000 a month while “consulting” Freddie Mac (others might call that lobbying on behalf of…) and because he looks like a Doughboy?

Perhaps we should be calling him the comeback kid, instead. There was a time when he was almost done, when his candidacy was written off, when he went on a cruise to Greece with wife #3 and 13 of his 15 fundraising chairs resign in disgust. Yeah. Less than a year ago, that was. [cont…]

You might live in a swing state if…

…you’re more likely to run into a candidate for the White House than a Mormon missionary when you get a knock at the door. I ran into an interesting set of data today: voter turnout nationally has never really been that high, and while it may be falling, it’s never really changed in Presidential years. […]

Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It | digtriad.com

This is yesterday’s news, but it’s still a win for the small guy, and, frankly, hilarious. It started five months ago when Bank of America filed foreclosure papers on the home of a couple, who didn’t owe a dime on their home. The couple said they paid cash for the house. The case went to court and […]

Random number generators and cable news commentators

The source of all those exit polls, hot air, statistics, and prognosticators fodder… xkcd: Sports. See also “Mark Twain.” (“There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.”)

Life at 133 questions an hour; or, do the Supremes really care what the lawyers think?

Curiously, to many, Justice Clarence Thomas rarely asks questions during oral arguments at the Supreme Court. If at all. Here’s a run down of his stats, as well as some other interesting numbers related to questioning by Supreme Court Justices (according to Constitutional Daily): 5 – Years Clarence Thomas has gone without asking a question […]