January 23, 2018

Will Utah Matter in the GOP Race for President?

According to a Deseret News/KSL poll Utahns believe Mitt Romney alone can beat Barack Obama in November (surprise!). And yet, today, on Super Tuesday, as ten states hold primaries, Utah is not one of them. In fact, Utah casts its vote for the Republican nominee dead last. Even with a nomination battle likely to continue into the spring, the Republican nomination may be over before by then.


Remember when there were eight candidates in the field? [cont…]

You might live in a swing state if…

…you’re more likely to run into a candidate for the White House than a Mormon missionary when you get a knock at the door. I ran into an interesting set of data today: voter turnout nationally has never really been that high, and while it may be falling, it’s never really changed in Presidential years. […]