January 22, 2018

Have you been able to sign up for Obamacare?

Have you been able to sign up for healthcare through the federal government’s site? Reports are widespread that few people have, and those who are trying are finding the site has serious technical problems. If you have, or have not, been able to get your healthcare through the federal website, I’d like to hear your […]

What You’ll Never See if You Live in Utah: A Presidential Candidate

What will you never see if you’re a voter in Utah? You’ll never meet the candidates for President, unless you count emails asking for money or phone calls. If you live in New Hampshire, though, or Iowa, or maybe even South Carolina, you might learn something like this: You learn that Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) is awful […]

Iowa Caucuses are Bad for Democracy

Are you paying attention? Are you watching the results? Is Iowa on your radar?

Today, a non-binding vote by a tiny fraction of America will kick-off the primary season. That vote will award zero delegates.

That’s right. Zero. [cont…]

First Iowa, and now the worst ratings ever.

Last week, Republicans decided to “give Iowa a try.” Then T-paw, first man into the race for President, became the first man out of the race (unless you count this dufus). Then, with a nary a whimper (and a jet black bus), the President kicked off what Mitt Romney called the “Magical Misery Tour,” a bus […]

Random number generators and cable news commentators

The source of all those exit polls, hot air, statistics, and prognosticators fodder… xkcd: Sports. See also “Mark Twain.” (“There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.”)

Give Iowa a try…

Image via Wikipedia Iowa judges are under attack for unpopular rulings that have permitted gay marriage in their state.  Unhappy about the rulings, and displeased that so few could overturn the will of the people, activists are looking to check the power of the judges by way of the ballot box. From the Wall Street […]