February 22, 2018

Behind the scenes, a walk down “Radio Row” at the Republican Convention

Not even qualifying as a cub reporter, or even a novice, I made friends with a few good staffers from Senator Mike Lee’s office early on, and they were quick to lend me a helping hand to meet and talk to the other political luminaries cruising the area. [cont…]

Will Utah Matter in the GOP Race for President?

According to a Deseret News/KSL poll Utahns believe Mitt Romney alone can beat Barack Obama in November (surprise!). And yet, today, on Super Tuesday, as ten states hold primaries, Utah is not one of them. In fact, Utah casts its vote for the Republican nominee dead last. Even with a nomination battle likely to continue into the spring, the Republican nomination may be over before by then.


Remember when there were eight candidates in the field? [cont…]

Are we there yet? GOP Candidates Face-off for the Twentieth Time

With fingers crossed that this would be their last debate together, the final four Republican contenders for President faced off in Arizona on Wednesday night. The stakes were high—for some more than others. Without Governor Mitt Romney’s money, Senator Rick Santorum and Speaker Newt Gingrich knew that this might be their best chance to pick up undecided votes in the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries. For Romney, it was a chance to retake the lead in the race for President. Lest we forget, Ron Paul came along, too, but, despite a strong performance, is increasingly playing the role of side-kick to front-runner Romney.

So how did they do? [cont…]

Losing Nevada, Newt Gingrich Holds a Press Conference [video]

For a guy who last week, upon losing Florida, was talking the populist talk of running a campaign for and by the people, Newt sure made a strange choice when he opted to skip a speech to reassure his supporters and instead went to the press to air his grievances.

For an airing of grievances is what it was.

If you want to know what kind of man Newt Gingrich is, then you must watch his press conference. After losing Nevada by a two to one margin, he opted to speak to the press instead of supporters (which is ironic, given how much he has bashed the press during the campaign). [cont…]

Four down…forty-six more to go.

Newt lost Florida, and he lost big. He dissed Romney by not calling to concede. Guess what? There are still forty-six states left in the Republican nomination battle. We’re going to see a lot more of him and his antics.

Further, if you’re voting where I am, you’re voting last. Dead last.

But enough about Utah’s primary in the last third of June. I’ve already expended enough hot air on that else where. While there are some really interesting ideas for changing up the Primary process, we’ll deal with those on a later date.

Right now, we’ve got a primary battle, and it’s going to be long. Contrary to victory speeches and common sense, this race is going to continue for a while. Don’t believe me? [cont…]

Newt Gingrich and the Art of Not Answering Questions

Mr. Dough Boy was not in full form last night. Not, unless that is, you realized just how doughy and soft his brand of conservative is. Rather, he spent the night looking sour and dour.

And who is Mr. Dough Boy? None other than the only Speaker of the US House of Representatives to ever resign in disgrace, Newt Gingrich.

Let’s stop for a minute, though. We’ll come back to the debate in a minute. Why are we calling him “Doughboy?” I mean, other than that he brought in $25,000 a month while “consulting” Freddie Mac (others might call that lobbying on behalf of…) and because he looks like a Doughboy?

Perhaps we should be calling him the comeback kid, instead. There was a time when he was almost done, when his candidacy was written off, when he went on a cruise to Greece with wife #3 and 13 of his 15 fundraising chairs resign in disgust. Yeah. Less than a year ago, that was. [cont…]

Family Values, Newt Gingrich Style

For those media types who still want to jettison a closed primary and open a primary to anyone, let me present Exhibit A for why open primaries give bad results:

Newt Gingrich. He’s proof that a body of voters can choose the candidate least in line with his party and with more likelihood of getting in a “snooty” remark about the President than winning a general election.

Besides, how do we respect a man whose definition of “family values” includes trotting out his daughters to hide a lie about his infidelity? [cont…]