January 22, 2018

WRR: The Red Iguana 2

Reviewing the Red Iguana is a bit like shooting fish in a bucket…with a shotgun. It’s hard not to get a great meal, and it’s even harder not to write great stuff about it.

WRR: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Everyone needs a little barbecue in their life. With football season upon us, you might need a little more.

Stop by Dickey’s to get a quick fix that is a step above. I’ve reviewed barbecue in here before (Pat’s here and Firehouse here), but Dickey’s takes restaurant served barbecue to a new high, and I’ll tell you why.

WRR: Beerhive Pub

I ate lunch at Beerhive Pub today, and I can’t say much about the beer there, so don’t ask.

I had a sandwich called “the Beerhive” and was piled high with so many cold cut meats[…]

WRR: Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine

I don’t always eat Ethiopian, but when I do, I eat at Blue Nile.

Ok, so let’s get down to business. Sitting just across the street from a fantastic taco stand next to the old Sears on State Street, the Blue Nile Ethiopian is a quiet little restaurant that I might otherwise have never found, but for the suggestion of a friend, criminal defense attorney and food blogger Marco Brown.

The Blue Nile is not your typical restaurant. [cont…]

WRR: Café Seoul | Korean with a personal touch.

To be sure, I’ve not had a lot of Korean in my day. I was surprisingly pleased, though, with what Café Seoul offered. At John’s suggestion I ordered dahk galbi, Sooni’s specialty.

WRR: Thai Orchid | Quaint, but Authentic

When our first pick for lunch turned out to be closed, we took a look around and saw two restaurants. One had a full parking lot of cars in front of it, while the other looked like it, too, might be closed. We picked the restaurant less visited…and it made all the difference. [cont…]

WRR: Spedelli’s | Pizza, Wings, and More

How many ways to can I tell you I loved it? Let me repeat PEPPERONI AND BACON. I will be a patron to this place till the day I die (or they close, or my office moves…). Dripping with stretchy, yummy cheese, sizzling with grease from the slightly concave pepperoni, the glistening sausage, miniature meatballs, and crumbled bacon, the crust crispy and fresh,… [cont…]