January 23, 2018

KSL’s Sheryl Worsley Files Ethics Inquiry Over Trib’s Mia Love Biography

In a coup for raising the standards of professional journalists (who are disappearing like dinosaurs after a giant meteorite hit), KSL’s News Director Sheryl Worsley (not apparently acting in her capacity as a KSL employee) sent an “ethics inquiry” to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to complain about the Salt Lake Tribune’s publication of a biography on […]

Male, middle-aged, moral, and…miserable? No, not the Republican Party.

What is predominantly male, middle-aged, miserable, underpaid and over-educated? Journalists, according to an Indiana University study reported in The Atlantic. They’re also predominantly liberal. Somehow, though, that left leaning bias (this is among all journalists, not just the politicos) hasn’t led to income parity between male and female reporters, for whatever reason. According to the study: […]

Courage shown in speaking up against John Swallow [KSL]

The following is an op-ed piece that I wrote for KSL as posted this afternoon.   SALT LAKE CITY — I’m sure there was a moment when Traci Gundersen wondered if making a bar complaint against Utah Attorney General John Swallow was a wise step for her career. As far as I can tell, she’s […]

Where is the investigation John Swallow requested?

It’s been almost two weeks since a Salt Lake Tribune’s article showed connections between indicted businessman Jeremy Johnson and Utah’s new Attorney General John Swallow.  Despite calls for an investigation from almost everyone–including Swallow himself–we have yet to see one. Accusing Swallow of offering to bribe US Senator Harry Reid, Johnson provided emails, photos, financial records and […]

Publius Online on Utah Political Capitol’s podcast

On Monday, I was a guest on Utah Political Capitol’s weekly podcast. A new venture in the Utah political landscape, my conversation was with Eric Ethington and Curtis Haring, by their description two “long-time Utah politicos.” They are friends, and though we often disagree on public policy (I met Curtis during his time in leadership at the […]

Lee opposes UN treaty and passes an NDAA amendment protecting civil liberties

On Monday, as Donald “I’m actually an alien in a bad disguise” Trump was blaming Romney’s loss on a “maniacal” position on immigration, Lee also made headlines by opposing what looked like a perfectly reasonable UN treaty on disabilities. Then, on Thursday night, Senator Lee joined with Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein to sponsor an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (“NDAA”) that would assure that American citizens and permanent legal residents apprehended on American soil will be charged and have access to a trial.

To Dave Montero: When did “one” become “some” Republicans?

But what happens when journalist have to stir the pot a little themselves to keep the controversy going? Today’s story by Dave Montero may be just that–something to keep a story going another cycle or two. In “2nd District turmoil has some GOP looking at Democrat,” Montero manages to turn one Republican into “some” Republicans. [cont…]