February 22, 2018

Federalism and the Republicans: Who needs RINOs when you can have FINOs?

Can the Republican Party still be the party of “small is better” government if it isn’t willing to stick to its guns when the policy is one of its favored issues? Such as, for example,  tort reform? I hate it when I hear Republicans at the federal level attack Democrats on the size and scope of […]

Mexico files brief against Utah…federalism at issue?

Immigration is one of those issues that never seems to go away. While almost every policy can be debated, either passionately or with blithe calm, immigration seems to evoke a passionate and even angry response from people who are, otherwise, level-headed and even-tempered.

Constitutional amendments from the folks who love it most

Indubitably, during the recent election, one of the major rallying points of Tea Party aligned voters  was the US Constitution and its interpretation. Indeed, although the Tea Party started out as primarily a revolt against perceived spending policies of the Obama Administration and the Democratic controlled Congress (for example, the Affordable Health Care for America Act and the […]

Amending the Constitution? A B.F.D.

With Constitution Day just passed (September 17th), hopefully we’ve all increased our awareness about the governing document for our nation’s political processes.  Written over two hundred years ago, the US Constitution is now the oldest written constitution.  And yet, it is still important, if not essential, to our nation’s governance. Included among its clauses is guidance […]

How would SCOTUS rule on S1070?

Image by Sundials by Carmichael via Flickr Historically, conservative justices, with their stricter interpretation of the Constitution, have viewed immigration policy as the exclusive purview of the federal government. That means both ideological factions on the court may be hostile to Arizona’s defense of S1070. From AZ Capitol Times Related articles by Zemanta “Immigration law […]

The legal challenges to the health care bill

Apparently, there is some question about the legality of the bill recently (as in yesterday) signed into law by President Obama.  I’ve already discussed the questionable procedures used to pass it in the House.  But what about the bill itself?  Is it legal?  Is it constitutional? Let me just say at the outset that rational […]