January 20, 2018

In lieu of a daily post…

I’ve been asked to be on some kind of Deseret News live panel blogging about the election results tonight. Please join me there as we watch the primary results come in from Arizona and Michigan. Click on the image below to find the panel. Coverage starts at 5:30 PM.

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Mexico files brief against Utah…federalism at issue?

Immigration is one of those issues that never seems to go away. While almost every policy can be debated, either passionately or with blithe calm, immigration seems to evoke a passionate and even angry response from people who are, otherwise, level-headed and even-tempered.

Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting before the Supremes

Remember this one? This case deals with series of laws passed in Arizona in response to the failure of the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws. As summarized by the ACLU in September: As part of a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration laws, Congress adopted a series of carefully calibrated measures, beginning in the […]

Immigration Debate: Federal or state purview?

Image by Renegade98 via Flickr Recently, the local Deseret News has seen debate on its opinion page, and carried over in the Facebook-sphere, on the immigration issue, especially as it relates to whether immigration policy is the purview of states or the federal government, and in many respects, it returns to Constitutional interpretation by the […]

Getting educated on immigration

Immigration has become a hot topic.  A hot topic at dinner, a hot topic on the news and in the opinion pages, a hot topic at the water cooler, and a hot topic for the voting public.  Bloggers and talking heads are having a hay-day with it, and there’s no shortage of opinions out there, […]

How would SCOTUS rule on S1070?

Image by Sundials by Carmichael via Flickr Historically, conservative justices, with their stricter interpretation of the Constitution, have viewed immigration policy as the exclusive purview of the federal government. That means both ideological factions on the court may be hostile to Arizona’s defense of S1070. From AZ Capitol Times Related articles by Zemanta “Immigration law […]

Arizona appeals, but is the law misbegotten?

Image by Helen K via Flickr True to its promise, Arizona has appealed Judge Bolton’s ruling.  And the local sheriff promises to arrest protesters and put them in pink underwear…as if they weren’t already wearing it. “My deputies will arrest them and put them in pink underwear,” Arpaio said, referring to one of his odd […]